How to Stop that Dribble and Shoot your Ejaculate Far

Many men can’t shoot their ejaculate far. They dribble. While it is natural to dribble, the ability to shoot your load of cum further will increase the quantity and quality of orgasms. Learning how to cum far also helps impress the ladies. One of the best ways to show a girl that you have more than enough stamina is to shoot your jizz all over her – like movie stars.

While most men who wonder how to ejaculate harder and farther are only interested in enhancing sexual pleasure, the ability to produce more cum also increases a man’s fertility. This is because a guy needs to make a lot of jizz to ejaculate far. Such a man is likely to produce more sperm as well since sperm are contained in semen.

How to Stop that Dribble and Shoot your Ejaculate Far

The ability to shoot semen further is also viewed as an indication of strength, stamina and dominance. As a result, many women wish to see these male characteristics in their partners.

It is not rocket science really. To learn how to cum further, you need to:

  • Produce more cum
  • Get stronger pelvic muscles
  • Get a strong dick – and a bigger erection
  • Have stronger orgasms

Naturally, one of the best ways to shoot semen further is to simply make more of it. Theoretically, the presence of more ejaculate in the pipes should lead to an increase in pressure – helping a man shoot his load of ejaculate far.

Here are the best ways of how to ejaculate more which include reducing frequency of ejaculation, diet modification, taking sperm pills, doing more exercises and making several lifestyle changes.

Do more Kegels to Shoot your Cum Far

How to cum far - ejaculate further

A weak pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is mostly the reason why some men are unable to shoot jizz far. This situation is, however, easily corrected by doing kegel exercises. The PC muscle is made up of several muscles. During ejaculation, the urethral sphincters (they are two muscles, the internal and external urethral sphincter) prevent the flow of urine.

The bulbospongiosus (also called bulbocavernosus) muscle is located in the perineum. The contraction of this powerful muscle causes a man to shoot his jizz. Obviously, men who have a combination of huge loads of cum and strong pelvic muscles are more able to shoot cum far.

A man needs to locate the muscles before he can exercise them. The PC muscle is located between the base of the penis and the anus. You can feel their contraction during ejaculation by pressing this region gently with a finger or two. You can also feel this muscle in action when you try to stop urination midstream – you will actually be tightening the PC muscle!

An easy and effective way to increase the distance and volume of your ejaculate is to practice edging. Regular masturbation is also an effective way to exercise these muscles.

For best results, a man should do edging and kegels (and reverse kegels too!) simultaneously. Try to sync your ejaculatory spasms and the flexing of the PC muscle – start flexing your PC muscle when you reach the point of no return (this is when you know you are about to ejaculate).

Be more Aroused to Shoot cum Far

A man will naturally produce more ejaculate when he is more aroused. There are many ways to increase arousal, such as increasing foreplay and reducing performance anxiety.

Try and relax completely. Be happy. This is because arousal happens in the brain. Then focus on the intimacy – more arousal leads to a stronger erection. One of the best ways of how to ejaculate further is to attain a strong erection. Of course it helps to be making love to an attractive partner.

Some men easily achieve optimum arousal by taking a little alcohol or an erection supplement such as Volume Pills. Find whichever works for you and do it often. Always remember that the greater the intensity and duration of the erection the greater the likelihood that a man will shoot his load of cum far.

Increase Speed of Thrusting or Jerking off

Men who masturbate regularly know that increasing the speed of movement and the grip on the shaft enables them to shoot their cum far. Wait until you reach the point of no return and then up the speed.

Jelqing helps!

Do regular jelqing exercises. Your hands are your best free tools if you want to learn how to cum further. Plus you automatically control the motion of your hands – speed up, slow down and pause!

Jelqing results in thicker, stronger and firmer erections. Another benefit of the penis enlargement exercises is that you develop more self control. When you are able to hold (thereby building-up the amount of ejaculate), you will shoot a lot more cum when you let go.

Eat Healthy food to Cum Far

Eat foods that increase seminal fluid to cum further. Nuts such as macadamia nuts and cashew nuts are natural aphrodisiacs that have good levels of zinc. Also eggs, whole milk, spinach and Avocados. Foods that make men produce more ejaculate have higher levels of zinc.

You may also swallow a few dried watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds (or grind them to a flour). They are high in zinc. The mineral zinc is the major ingredient during semen production, and we naturally get zinc from food. To produce more cum quickly, add these herbal zinc supplements to your diet. They are the best nitric oxide pills.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid fast foods. Replace foods that have saturated fats with whole grain food, fruit snacks and green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. Eating a balanced diet is one of the best ways how to cum further.

Exercise more to shoot your cum further. Eating good food is one part of the health equation: the other is regular exercises. Stay active by regularly walking, riding your bicycle, swimming or by joining a gym. A healthy body produces more cum naturally, shoots semen further and generates more orgasms. Exercises also help to reduce stress and boost your self esteem by making the brain release more of its feel-good hormones – endorphins.

Other reasons why a man may fail to shoot his ejaculate further include lack of enough sleep and stress. Men also normally experience a gradual decrease in erection quality, ejaculation distance and ejaculate volume as they age. Drinking more water also helps men who are looking for ways of how to cum far since cum is mostly made up of water.

  • I agree that other reasons why a man may fail to shoot his ejaculate further include lack of enough sleep and stress