Reasons why More Ejaculate is Healthy for Women and Men

Men have more orgasmic pleasure when they produce more ejaculate. Human semen has other benefits especially for women who swallow it.

Semen is packed with proteins, zinc and other nutrients that are readily absorbed into the human body. The following benefits and healthy uses of cum shows why it is better for men to make more ejaculate.

More Cum is Good: Semen is a Natural Anti-depressant

Depressed women report feeling relief from the depression after oral sex. In addition, women who have sex without using condoms are at a lower risk of depression. Cum contains water and sperms, and has small quantities of immune-suppressants that naturally protect the sperms from being destroyed by the female immune system.

Endorphins are found in the male ejaculate and they are feel-good hormones that work to alleviate depression symptoms. Due to its good blood supply, the woman’s DNA catcher readily absorbs the mood elevating components in human semen leading to less depression in women. More cum is beneficial for women at risk of depression.

More Ejaculate Improves Quality of Sleep

Ejaculate more: Why More Cum is HealthyMen sleep better after having an ejaculation. Cumming relieves stress and stops muscle tension. Men who produce more cum benefit more and sleep better.

Most married men will have noticed that they sleep better after sex but may not know that it is due to the release of seminal fluid. Ejaculation calms the nerves, calms the mind and women also sleep better after they ejaculate.

More cum leads to more relaxation and quicker sleep patterns. Production of more cum is nature’s natural way to fight stress that would otherwise cause chronic diseases such as high blood pressure. Women can use Hersolution pills to cum more. More cum will make your brain release more neurotransmitters, including serotonin that regulates human sleep cycles.

More Ejaculate Lowers Blood Pressure

Speaking of high blood pressure, another reason why men should learn how to produce more ejaculate is that more cum lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The endorphins released during cumming make you feel good, and reduce stress levels. Every man and his dog knows that stress is the mother of high blood pressure, and feeling good relieves pressure on the blood supply network, leading to reduction in blood pressure. Breathe deeply when having a cumshot and this will naturally relax the whole body.

Release of Seminal Fluid Reduces Anxiety

Feeling anxious? Grab some lube and stroke that shaft man. You will be lucky if there is a pair of willing female hands nearby! Producing more ejaculate helps to reduces stress and anxiety. Stress creates anxiety.

Serotonin not online makes you sleepy, relief from anxiety is one way in which your brain induces sleep. Learn to produce a lot of cum so as to relieve stress and anxiety before those anxious moments, like just before a job interview.

More Cum Increases Energy

This is how I deal with fatigue: I just cum more. When you feel tired and you know you need to complete a certain task, ejaculating will give you a boost of energy. But cumming too often in a day will achieve the opposite.

For best results, masturbate and cum every morning while in the shower. Masturbation has multiple benefits: It’s hygienic, convenient and gives you a release of energy to power you through the day.

Cum Increases Concentration and Memory

Students who maintain a healthy masturbation routine report better concentration in class and better grades. We perform mentally better when relaxed, and the more cum a man makes and releases, the higher the relaxation he gets. Stress is a memory killer. Learn how to cum more to boost your memory and increase mental alertness.

Cum More to Relieve Pain

This takes us back to the feel-good hormones, endorphins. Released by the brain, endorphins make you less depressed, make you feel good and block pain receptors. Girls, a hand job is the best gift you can give a man who is in pain – so long as the pain is not in his shaft!

More cum Makes Women Aroused and Horny

I saved the best for last. Women love lots of cum. Men need to learn how to make a woman climax. This is because women experience bigger orgasm when they squirt. To impress your woman, you need to learn how to cum further and how to cum shot. You will be healthier when you have a constantly aroused female within reach.

Sex prevents diseases caused mainly by stress and it tones your body, strengthens your heart and lungs, boosts your mental abilities and gives you more energy. The health benefits of more cum to both men and women seem endless. By the way, more cum when used as a facial reduces skin wrinkles especially on the face and gives women a young, radiant and smooth skin.

Semen has an proteolytic enzymes that break down proteins and remove dead skin on the face, leaving you smoother. Simply put, cum is the best natural anti aging and anti wrinkle cream in the world. Learn how to cum more to enjoy these health benefits of more ejaculate.

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