How to Orgasm: Ways of How to make a Girl Cum Fast

Many men wonder how to cum in order to heighten sexual pleasure during intimacy. But every woman who wants to get sexual satisfaction needs to know how to orgasm.

This is because it is hard to make a girl cum if she doesn’t know how to pleasure herself. Many men who wonder how to make a girl cum are familiar with the ways to finger her till she gets an orgasm.

While many guys have to deal with premature ejaculation, many women have trouble having an orgasm and even learning how to cum.

However, with the right mental attitude and correct stimulation, any woman can learn how to orgasm and have a powerful orgasm every time. Penetration alone is usually inadequate to give a woman an orgasm and make her cum.

How to Cum: 5 Types of Female Orgasm Every Woman Should Have

How to orgasm for womenWomen have many different types of female orgasms and hence need to know how to cum during intimacy. But only about 25% of women experience regular orgasms through penetrative sex.

Clitoral orgasms and vaginal orgasms are among the 5 types of female orgasm that every woman who wonders how to orgasm should have.

1. How to Cum with Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris is a very sensitive female sex organ that any man and woman who wants to know how to orgasm should be aware of. Due to its vantage location and heightened sensitivity, it delivers the most common female orgasm: the clitoral orgasm.

At the peak of its stimulation, the clitoris is the source of intensely pleasurable feelings that move in waves throughout the entire body. The clitoris is full of nerve endings, and is the anatomical equivalent of the male penis. Yet unlike the penis, it is smaller in size, and this is what makes it so sensitive: so many nerves (more than 8,000 nerve endings) are packed in its small size.

How to have a Clitoral Orgasm

It is strategically located to receive physical stimulation from contact with a man’s body during sexual intimacy. The most used sexual position, the missionary position, allows for good clitoral stimulation.

Other excellent ways to stimulate the clitoris include using the tongue and mouth during oral sex.

Gently nimble on it and you will have your woman quacking with sexual pleasure.

Fingering is also good for foreplay, and during masturbation.

Women who are looking for ways of how to orgasm are encouraged to learn to pleasure themselves as a way to heighten sexual desire.

Fingering works best with a good water based lube such as Vigorelle.

While the clitoris is sexually sensitive and gives a lot of pleasure to women when stimulated, women have varying preferences on the kind of pressure to put on their clitoris. Some like a very gentle clitoral stimulation, while other women find it uncomfortable and unbearable.

But you will never go wrong if you use a good lubricant. This orgasm is pleasurable, intense but some women find it not “deep” enough. Women who desire to know how to orgasm should get a sex toy. This is because vibrators are good at stimulating the clitoris for a clitoral orgasm.

2. How to Cum with Vaginal Orgasm

This female orgasm is focused in the pelvic area. It begins in the vagina and spreads to the stomach areas and uterus. This orgasm takes longer to achieve when compared to clitoral orgasms.

A man will feel this type of orgasm as the vagina contracts, gently squeezing the shaft of his penis. A vaginal orgasm gives strong contractions and is mostly achieved when a man sustains rhythmic thrusting. This orgasm can also be achieved with a penetrating sex toy.

3. Dream-gasms and Micro gasms – How to Orgasm

Men have their wet dreams while women have dream-gasms. These types of female orgasms occur without physical stimulation and may have strong contractions. Women who have strong sexual fantasies and imagination and who know how to orgasm are more likely to have these orgasms.

Micro-gasms are weaker contractions that can be felt during moments of intense relaxation, such as when basking in the sun, singing on a stage or while watching a romantic movie.

4. The G-Spot Orgasm – How to Cum

These can be very powerful but are harder to achieve. The female G-spot is an area of extreme sexual sensitivity that is located about 3 inches inside the vagina. It is stimulated by the penis during sex, but the best way to stimulate the G-spot for multiple orgasm is through use of fingers or sex toys.

An easy way to stimulate the G-spot is by making rapid “come here” gestures with a finger that is inserted inside the vagina. Doggy-style sex position is good for stimulating the elusive G-spot! Any woman who wants to learn how to orgasm needs to locate her G-spot.

5. How to Cum: Squirting Orgasms

How to cum - how to make a girl cum quickSome women experience ejaculation when having an orgasm. It’s called squirting. The amount of fluid expelled will vary from woman to woman, and its composition also varies. This is the most powerful female orgasm and is hard to achieve.

The few lucky women who know how to cum have experienced an ejaculating, squirting orgasm. They usually need a lot of foreplay, G-spot stimulation and rhythmic thrusting.

A man whose partner squirts must know how to make her cum. This is because squirting will create an unbreakable bond of intimacy between you and your partner.

There are other types of female orgasms that anyone who wants to know how to orgasm should be aware of. These include:

  • Breast orgasm – from stimulation of breasts and nipples
  • Skin orgasm – common with erotic massage
  • Oral orgasm – experienced while kissing, licking or sucking

But these other types of female orgasms have no prominent place in the orgasm hall of fame. There are even reports of women experiencing orgasms when doing kegel exercises. These are 5 types of female orgasm every woman should have.

How to Orgasm – How to Make a Girl Cum Quick

Having sex in the best sex positions such as the doggy-style enables a woman to stimulate herself with her fingers while her partner penetrates. In addition, experiment with different sex positions to find out which works best for both partners. Changing sex positions is one of the best ways of how to cum more and make a girl cum faster since it helps maintain arousal.

Just rub your clitoris with your fingers while your man uses his hands to stimulate your nipples. This will make the woman more aroused and make her cum with intense orgasms. If your partner wants to learn how to orgasm, just heighten her arousal by applying a little of an arousal cream to her genital region.

First Learn How to Make yourself Cum

Many sex coaches advise couples who desire to know how to increase sperm and fertility levels to begin by being comfortable with themselves. As a woman, first learn how to make yourself cum. It will then be much easier to have your man make you cum.

Since most people find it easier to relax when alone, create time to be alone and in an appropriate place. This can be your bathroom or bedroom.

Then masturbate.

To learn how to orgasm, use your fingers and take it really slow. Enjoy all the pleasurable sensations. Always remember that you need to focus on the journey and not the end-point!

For girls who do not masturbation often, focus on the clitoris and find the right speed and pressure for you. It is located above the vagina and is located under the clitoral hood. The clitoral hood is a fold of skin which not only surrounds the clitoris but also protects it.

Many women and men who wonder how to orgasm and make a girl cum fast find that a woman is able to cum with intense orgasms when one pulls back the clitoral hood gently. This enables direct stimulation of the clitoris during oral sex and masturbation.

How to Finger a Girl until She Cums

Men need to learn how to finger a girl. This is because fingering is one of the best techniques of how to make her cum.

How to finger a girl until she orgasms

How to finger a girl

Your partner can use their tongue, fingers or even a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris. Of these, the tongue is the best to use on a woman who wants to know how to cum. This because the tongue is gentle, warm and well lubricated.

How to make a girl cum by fingering her and stimulating the clit? If you are masturbating, just pull the clitoral hood upwards towards your stomach using your index finger.

Then use your other fingers or tongue to gently rub the clitoris. Here is a trick if you want to know how to make a girl cum quickly: Flicking the tongue on the clit is an excellent way to finish-off a woman and make her cum with intense orgasms!

But be aware of the fact that some women find direct stimulation of their clitoris too painful or too sensitive. Both a woman and her partner need to experiment before they find just the right pressure and speed of stimulation that will make her cum every time.

How to Make Her Cum

In conclusion, always remember that it is much easier for a woman to cum when she is very relaxed and comfortable. Be strongly aroused and strongly attracted to your partner and it will be much easier to learn how to cum.

To aid you on your way to those toe-curling orgasms, consider having your man gently rub a female arousal cream on your lady areas just before or during sex. Anyone who desires to learn how to orgasm should experiment and practice with different sex positions and use their imagination.

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