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Why the Topic of Male Enhancement?

Because many men needlessly worry about their genitals and have unnatural expectations about sexual performance – mostly because of the influence of porn. One of the desires of many men is to be able to increase their ejaculate volume. This is mainly driven by the desire to enhance sexual pleasure since the male orgasm mostly happens during ejaculation.

Well, it so happens that increasing semen volume is one of our core topics.

However, there are many other benefits men may get from this website.

These include:

  • More self-confidence and self-esteem
  • An increase in male fertility
  • Better orgasm control
  • The ability to last longer in bed
  • An increase in stamina and libido (desire for sex)
  • Better performance in the bedroom and being able to finish almost like their favorite porn stars
  • Happier and sexually satisfied partners
  • Frequent sex as well as greater opportunities for making love with new partners

This is because the lifestyle changes that we recommend, and the diet, sleep, water intake, physical exercises, mental health and lower stress advice also boosts whole body health.

Another issue that needlessly causes much worry to some men, and which we answer, is their size.

Clearly, size does matter to women, especially when the act is just a one-time fling.

Women preferred a penis of slightly larger circumference and length for one-time (length = 6.4 inches/16.3 cm, circumference = 5.0 inches/12.7 cm) versus long-term (length = 6.3 inches/16.0 cm, circumference = 4.8 inches/12.2 cm) sexual partners. Source

But for most ladies, size is not of huge importance, so long as it’s around the normal width and length.

And a sizeable width (girth) is what most women need. But not as huge as most men imagine. You see, many a man have wondered if their penis size is big enough. This is mostly due to watching porn where the actors are hung like a stallion and and whose ejaculation is “like the ejaculation of horses”.

Believe it or not, that famous quote at the end of the previous sentence is from the good book. Ezekiel 23:20

Is the size of the penis important to women?

Is the size of the penis important to women?

The width is of bigger importance to women than the length, but still not as important as we guys assume.

From the study, we can see that most women are okay with the average erect penis size of 5.16 inches.

  • A whole 67% of women think that penis size is somewhat important
  • Just 11% think size is very important
  • 22% of women don’t think penis size is an important issue

For most women, what you do with whatever size you have is more important. Just be more creative: for example using fingers and going oral to complement the dick.

We seek to provide well researched information on these crucial topics.

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