UltraLoad Reviews – Is This the Best Supplement to Shoot Bigger Loads?

As we will learn in these UltraLoad reviews, herbal supplementation in combination with proper diet and physical exercises is the most efficient way to increase semen volume and boost sexual performance.

The manufacturer of UltraLoad supplement makes bold claims: that the pill increases semen volume, and the duration and intensity of orgasms. Moreover, men who take UltraLoad should enjoy powerful ejaculations and impressive finishes that will thrill their partners.

But is this true?

The following UltraLoad reviews will compare the price of various available packages, the ingredients in the supplement, how and if it really works, honest customer feedback, and a comparison between UltraLoad and its top competitors: Semenax, Volume Pills, VigRX Max Volume and Erectin.

UltraLoad Reviews – Is UltraLoad the best supplement to shoot bigger loads?

What is UltraLoad?

UltraLoad reviews

UltraLoad is a premium male enhancement supplement that contains carefully selected natural ingredients that are carefully blended to deliver potent sexual performance.

Whether you want to increase your load, improve your sexual prowess, or experience intense orgasms and ejaculations, this supplement rises to the occasion.

Most guys won’t openly admit it, but sexual performance tops the charts when it comes to their masculinity. We want to maintain longer erections, impress our lovers, and possibly have more babies.

So when things start heading south or don’t pan out as planned, guys start wondering if they still got game.

Because let’s face it, the inability to fulfill your own sexual needs or satisfy your partner can be a source of tension, frustration, and downright embarrassment.

Moreover, the problem with dwindling sexual performance is that it spills over into other areas of your life. You become anxious, small issues get blown out of proportion, focus shifts, and everything becomes a mess.

If this is where you’re at, or if you’re simply looking for a way to spice things up, we have just the thing for you – UltraLoad.

UltraLoad Reviews on Price

In terms of price, UltraLoad customers can choose between 3 packages. These are the 1 month, 3 month and 6 month supply packages.

  • 1 Month Supply of UltraLoad: a box of UltraLoad with 90 capsules for 30 days at $69.00. Includes free shipping in the USA.
  • 3 Month Supply: 3 boxes of UltraLoad (270 capsules) at $178.00 and includes free world-wide shipping and 100-days money back guarantee.
  • 6 Month Supply: 6 boxes of UltraLoad (540 capsules) for half a year supply at only $297.00. Customers enjoy free world-wide shipping and 100 days money back guarantee.

All UltraLoad purchases are eligible for a 20% discount by applying discount/ coupon code “ULTRA20.

UltraLoad Reviews: Honest Customer Reviews

Below are some of the many UltraLoad customer reviews that we have received.

UltraLoad gives intense and more pleasurable orgasms

With UltraLoad, I get very intense and highly pleasurable orgasms, and my partner is equally thrilled.

Another major benefit of taking UltraLoad is that, since my erections are much better, I'm always ready for sex.

UltraLoad Review by Samuel Ferguson
UltraLoad review by Samuel Ferguson

The customers of UltraLoad regularly report extra benefits that include better erection quality and increased libido & stamina

My orgasms are intense, UltraLoad works!

UltraLoad has enabled me to get the most pleasurable and intense orgasms ever. And my partner is having the time of their life.

This semen volume booster from Performance Naturals rocks. It is definitely one of the best there is!

UltraLoad Review by Hao Cheng
UltraLoad review by Hao Cheng

This user is now enjoying intense orgasms and his partner is definitely not complaining, thanks to UltraLoad.

Powerful orgasms and more ejaculate with UltraLoad

When I heard of this new supplement, I was a bit apprehensive. But when I finally decided to give it a try, boy was I surprised...

A few days into the second week and the effects were undeniable, and by the 2nd month I was extremely satisfied with UltraLoad.

UltraLoad Review by Darnell Calvin
UltraLoad review by Darnell Calvin

This user is now enjoying powerful orgasms and bigger loads of semen after taking UltraLoad for several weeks.

Finally, I now shoot bigger loads

I always wondered how adult movie stars are able to finish with such huge and impressive loads. My friends said it was fake scenes

Then I tried UltraLoad. Within a few weeks, I was shooting much bigger loads, and my erections are now harder and last longer.

Review by William M Gallagher
UltraLoad review by William M Gallagher

This UltraLoad customer isn't the only guy who has been impressed by the finishing by top porn stars. We are glad he is now doing it like Peter North.

I now enjoy heightened sexual sensations with UltraLoad

My orgasms are now more enjoyable since I started taking UltraLoad, and I get harder faster like a teenager.

Another benefit that I have noticed is that I can now last much longer in bed. This helps increase both ejaculate volume and intensity of my orgasms.

Review by Luke Wilson
UltraLoad review by Luke Wilson

This UltraLoad customer confirms the ability of the supplement to boost semen volume, intensity of orgasms and male stamina

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What are the Benefits?

There are tons of enhancement pills out there that promise all kinds of results, so why should you choose UltraLoad?

The simple answer is that UltraLoad turns good sex into mind-blowing sex. But the longer version that you will learn from these UltraLoad reviews is that the supplement allows you to:

  • Increase semen volume
  • Shoot bigger loads
  • Experience heightened sexual desire
  • Enjoy increased penile sensitivity
  • Have intensive and pleasurable orgasms.
  • Easily achieve longer and harder erections

Performance Naturals, The company that produces UltraLoad doesn’t compromise on quality.

In their FDA inspected cGMP certified facilities, the manufacturer uses quality ingredients in their purest form for greater potency and consistent results.

Plus, they are transparent about what goes into the supplement (more on that later) so you know what you’re consuming and how it works.

UltraLoad Reviews: How do the Pills Work?

Let’s start with the basics.

Your body produces nitric oxide, a molecule that’s responsible for several aspects of your overall health. One of its critical functions is vasodilation (it relaxes your blood vessels effectively widening them and increasing circulation).

Your body needs nitric oxide to help the muscles in your penis relax. With relaxation, blood flows into the chambers, facilitating erections.

Unfortunately, maintaining quality erections is not always possible which is why we reach for supplements. While supplements don’t contain nitric oxide, they are made up of ingredients that our bodies can use to produce nitric oxide.

UltraLoad contains a blend of highly effective compounds like L-Citrulline and pine bark that help with erection hardness and orgasm intensity.

The ingredients that go into UltraLoad help to:

  • Increase blood flow to your penis, thereby providing harder erections and more intense orgasms.
  • Stimulate production of testosterone for extra semen volume and better overall male sexual health.
  • Improve the quality of semen and sperm motility.
  • Heighten sexual desire and penile sensations for higher pleasure.
  • Improve your mood and increase energy to allow you to engage in pleasurable sex.

UltraLoad Reviews: Ingredients

The ingredients used in the UltraLoad supplement give it an edge over most supplements you’ll find on the market today.

They are derived from natural sources, and are purified and standardized. Together, they create a potent formula for your pleasure.

On this part of the UltraLoad reviews, let us look at the main ingredients, one by one:

  • L-citrulline
  • Black Maca
  • shilajit
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • BioPerine


This is an amino acid that occurs naturally in our bodies. But L-citrulline can also be sourced from watermelons, bitter gourds, pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, chicken peas, and nuts or be processed in a lab.

Our kidneys convert L-citrulline into L-arginine (yet another amino acid) and nitric oxide.

These compounds dilate blood vessels improving blood flow to all organs including your penis.

With dilated blood vessels and quicker blood flow, it becomes easier to achieve an erection.

Research performed on participants aged 56-66 years showed that supplementing with L-citrulline improved erection hardness for those with mild erectile dysfunction (ED).

The participants also reported being very satisfied with the outcome of their sexual performance.

By including L-citrulline in the supplement, the manufacturers seek to help your body get what it needs to achieve and maintain harder and stronger erections.

Black Maca

Black Maca
Black Maca roots boost libido, stamina and sperm quality. It also helps fight fatigue.

The second ingredient that goes into UltraLoad is the root of black Maca. Black Maca extract is a libido super booster derived from the Maca plant growing high up the Andes Mountains in Peru.

There are different colored Maca plants (yellow and red included) with black Maca being the most desirable for men’s sexual health. It’s also the rarest.

Traditionally, (read thousands of years), this ingredient was used to enhance stamina, energy, sperm quality, and quantity.

Science is backing these claims as ongoing studies reveal that consuming Maca heightens sexual desire and may have a positive effect on moderate ED.

It may also help boost seminal volume, sperm count, as well as motility—a huge bonus for couples who are trying to conceive.


Who would have thought a solution to low testosterone lies in a sticky substance found somewhere in the Himalayas mountain ranges?

That’s what shilajit is—a black resin that forms over centuries with the slow decomposition of plants.

Since ancient times, people used shilajit to treat sexual health disorders, and it has found its way and place in modern-day supplements.

Shilajit is an effective testosterone booster as was established in a clinical study where men aged 45-55 consumed it twice daily for 90 consecutive days. At the end of the trial period, these men showed significantly higher testosterone levels.

In another study, a group of infertile men consumed shilajit twice daily to establish its effect on infertility. By the end of the 90-day period, most of them had higher sperm count. For a bonus, some also gained better sperm motility.

Pine Bark Extract

On the coast of southwest France are lush forests that the French pine trees call home.

Extracts from the bark of these pine trees contain amazing health-promoting compounds, including proanthocyanidins.

Like L-citrulline, proanthocyanidins promote healthy production of nitric oxide, ultimately leading to increased flow of blood and oxygen.

The natural result is that the muscles gain extra oomph to deal with physical activities while your penis achieves and holds erections longer.

In a month-long study where pine bark extract and L-citrulline were combined, participants with moderate ED had their erectile function return to normal.

One other evaluation showed that administering this powerful combination on adult males significantly enhanced their sperm concentration.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 doesn’t receive much fanfare yet this water-soluble vitamin is essential for improving your mood, testosterone sensitivity, and maintaining good health.

You can obtain this vitamin from supplements or through foods like meat, eggs, avocado, bananas, carrots, spinach, green peas, chicken peas, and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin B6 is necessary for production of neurotransmitters (serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid), formation of red blood cells, and conversion of stored energy to blood sugar.

Serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid are nerve messengers that help stabilize your mood and curb feelings of irritability, depression, and anxiety.

With negativity kept in check, your mind can focus on giving and receiving sexual pleasure.

Results from animal studies also show that Vitamin B6 plays a role in the production of testosterone, and deficiency may slow down this process.

Vitamin B12

B12 is sourced mainly from meat products and through industrial production.

It plays important an role in tissue health, red blood cells production, and brain function. It’s also crucial to male sex drive.

Vitamin B12 aids the synthesis of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. And while these neurotransmitters help control mood and sleep patterns, they’re also tied to premature ejaculation.

Serotonin delays ejaculation while dopamine makes it happen faster, hence balance is necessary for you to enjoy sex. Men who experience frequent premature ejaculation (PE) may have low levels of serotonin.

Research organized to establish the relationship between B12 and PE, 109 healthy males aged 18-40 were assessed. The findings showed lower B12 concentrations in patients with PE.

By adding Vitamin B12 to UltraLoad, the manufacturer aims for two things. To help users maintain mood balance (if you feel good your sexual desire will be higher) and minimize PE.


For years, man has sought out aphrodisiacs, in order to increase sexual arousal and response.

We’ve eaten shellfish and oysters, dark chocolate, cashew nuts, and just about anything that would get us in the mood.

To that end, zinc is particularly useful. According to medicalnewstoday, zinc has a role in the production of key sex hormones like testosterone.

It also facilitates creation of the main component in prostatic fluid – the stuff that makes semen ideal for sperms to live in.

Animal studies suggest that zinc may help improve sexual competency by lengthening the time before ejaculation and increasing the number of penile thrusts.

Another study showed that supplementing with zinc helped restore erectile function for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease.


For most male enhancement supplements, the ingredients story would be over now, but not with UltraLoad. This is because UltraLoad contains one more special ingredient, and that’s BioPerine.

BioPerine is an extract of black pepper fruits. Its main compound is the piperine that’s standardized to 95 percent.

How is this useful?

There are many instances when medicine and supplements aren’t properly absorbed into the bloodstream, thereby decreasing their efficiency.

BioPerine is the component that enhances the absorption of all other ingredients, and by as much as 30 percent at that.

With optimal absorption, you get the most out of every pill and receive consistent results.

Other minor ingredients that go into the supplement include NuFlow® Rice concentrate for blending the ingredients and starch-made vegan Pullulan capsules.

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UltraLoad Reviews: Pros of UltraLoad

  • Uses high-quality natural ingredients.
  • Increases your sexual confidence.
  • You enjoy more energy and stamina.
  • You enjoy larger, harder and longer-lasting erections.
  • May help correct sexual dysfunction.
  • Made in the USA in FDA inspected cGMP compliant facilities.
  • Ideal for vegetarians, non-vegetarian, and vegans.
  • Discreet packaging and billing.
  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee.
  • No auto-billing—you only pay for the purchases you want to make.

UltraLoad Reviews: Cons of UltraLoad

  • Not recommended for men with hypertension, hypotension, or active heart disease, as some ingredients may lower blood pressure.
  • Results can take three weeks and over to show.

Comparison between UltraLoad and its main Competitors

The following is a brief comparison between UltraLoad and other top ejaculate volume products.

Compared to Semenax

Semenax is one of the best semen volume supplements. It is made by Leading Edge Health Inc, and like UltraLoad, Semenax is for men who desire to increase semen volume.

However, there are some ingredients that are in both UltraLoad and Semenax. These are Pine bark extract and Bioperine.

Volume Pills vs UltraLoad

Volume Pills, also from Leading Edge Health Inc is another leading semen volume supplement whose formula includes some of the best natural amino acids and potent sexual-performance herbs from Europe, China and South America.

The ingredients in Volume Pills include zinc, Tribulus Terrestris and Reishi Mushroom.

Just like UltraLoad, Volume Pills and Semenax have multiple benefits, including an increase in semen volume, better erection quality and improved overall sexual performance.

UltraLoad vs VigRX Max Volume

VigRX Max Volume is yet another semen volume booster from the highly experienced and trusted experts at Leading Edge Health Inc. The manufacturer notes that this supplement boosts sexual satisfaction, maximizes pleasure from orgasms and increases semen volume.

The Ingredients in VigRX Max Volume include Zinc, Sunflower Lecithin and L-arginine. Both UltraLoad and VigRX Max Volume have compounds that enhance nutrient absorption. These are Bioperine in UltraLoad and AstraGin® in VigRX Max Volume.

Erectin Vs UltraLoad

A common claim on most, if not all, semen volume supplements is that the products also enhance erection quality.

Indeed, we have found that this is true since some of the ingredients (such as Zinc, Horny Goat Weed and L-arginine) in these semen enhancers actually do improve blood flow to the dick and boost the production & release of more nitric oxide that leads to bigger and harder erections.

However, Erectin is a premium erection supplement that is designed and formulated to help men achieve faster, longer-lasting and harder erections.

Who Should Buy UltraLoad?

UltraLoad is ideal for healthy males between the ages of 21 and 65 who want to increase semen volume and shoot bigger loads.

If your sex life lacks excitement, or worse, you’re losing interest in sex, then UltraLoad might be exactly what you need.

By following the manufacturer’s recommended dose, you may enjoy larger loads, better semen quality, harder and longer-lasting erections, and powerful orgasms.

UltraLoad is a daily supplement that requires you to consume three capsules each morning along with water and a meal. While you’re at it, hydrate often.

You should be able to see an improvement in your sex life 21 days from the day you start and even better results after three months.

Is it any good for vegetarians?

Absolutely. As we can see in these UltraLoad reviews, careful thought has gone into the processing to make it an all-inclusive supplement. It’s therefore suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians.

Is UltraLoad Legit?

Yes, UltraLoad supplement is a legit semen volume enhancer that is manufactured by Performance Naturals under FDA medicine guidelines.

Does UltraLoad Work?

As we can see in these UltraLoad reviews, this supplement works well and relatively fast for a herbal supplement. Men report enjoying its benefits after taking it for a few weeks.

Where to Buy UltraLoad

UltraLoad is available on the company’s official website.

The process is very simple and takes a very short time to complete. The company offers buyers three options – One month supply, three months supply, and 6 months supply.

Looking at the math, the latter is the cheapest option. You’ll also have enough capsules to really experience a change in your sex life.

The manufacturer accepts credit cards from major companies and to make matters more convenient, there is an option to pay via PayPal.

We love their discretion since all packages are arrive in plain brown boxes while your bank statement reads “Performance Naturals.” Your business is your own. No one has to know anything.

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For anyone who isn’t satisfied with their results, the manufacturer offers a 100-day money-back guarantee. You’ll only need to return the empty boxes and any other unused boxes to facilitate the refund.

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