How to Make Your Penis Bigger: Best Penis Enlargement Methods

Many men are obsessed with their penis size. They wonder how to make their penis bigger. But most men have an average penis size and are satisfied with it. Luckily for those gents who desire to have a bigger manhood, there are both natural and surgical ways to increase penis size.  The average penis size in cm (length) is 13.1064 (5.16 inches) when erect.

The average flaccid penis length, according to BJU International, is 3.61 inches (9.1694 cm). In addition, the average penis circumference (girth) is 3.66 inches when flaccid (9.2964 cm) and 4.59 inches (11.6586 cm) when hard.

Some men have a small penis. There’s even the micropenis, an unusually small penis. But some guys simply suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

Other guys simply attach too much value to penis size, just as some will do anything to get bigger muscles. Moreover, penis surgery is now an option. These reasons, and the un-realistic expectations due to misinformation through porn and the internet are the main reasons why some men desire to make their dick bigger.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger: Best Penis Enlargement Methods

How to make your penis bigger

Many men who desire to have a large erect penis simply have an unrealistic expectation of the “perfect” dick size. This is mostly due to watching porn.

But here is a well-known fact: Porn actors are usually chosen because they have an abnormally large dick, say something like a 1 in 100,000 unnaturally big dick. Porn stars also go to extreme lengths to increase their penis size, including penis surgery.

Moreover, they edit porn scenes and use many camera angles to create sensational scenes.

Fake dicks are used generously, and in extreme cases, the porn actors are paired with small-sized partners just to make their already big genitalia stand out. In addition, porn stars use erection enhancing drugs, especially the famous blue pill. This enables them increase size of erection, enhance endurance and shoot huge loads.

But are you really small, or do you have penis dysmorphia?

Do you have Penile Dysmorphic Disorder (PDD)?

Penis dysmorphia or penile dysmorphic disorder is a condition where a man who has a normal penis size wrongly perceives their dick as being smaller. It is a common disorder due to images and videos that are easily accessible on the internet and porn movies, as well as the ever-changing pop culture.

But there are ways to make your penis bigger. These include penis surgery (made popular by “sexualized images and porn“), jelqing and stretching exercises, injections and fillers, penis implants, extenders and traction devices, penis pumps as well as simple things such as shaving pubic hair and getting enough sleep for that award-winning erection.

What is the Penis Size by Age?

The average penis size by age is as follows (for a flaccid penis):

  • Age 10 to 11: 1.6 to 3.1 inches
  • Boys of age 12: 2.0 to 4.0 inches
  • Age 13: 2.0 to 4.7 inches
  • Boys at age 14: 2.4 to 5.5 inches
  • Age 15: 3.1 to 5.9 inches
  • The age of 16: 3.9 to 5.9 inches
  • Age 17: 3.9 to 6.3 inches
  • Boys of age 18: 4.3 to 6.7 inches

Note that the measurements above begin at age 10 to 11 years. This is because puberty normally starts at between 9 and 14 years. Penis growth normally stops when puberty ends. This, for most boys, is between 18 and 19 years. But boys who reach puberty much later can experience penis growth in their early twenties.

These measurements for boys are hard to carry out and are therefore prone to errors. Moreover, every boy matures at a different pace. As a result, it is good that genital examination, and measurement of the penis if necessary, be done by a trained health specialist. Here is a great guide on what doctors who perform genital examination of adolescent boys look out for.

Penis Enlargement Remedies: How to Increase Penis Size

The following are the natural and unnatural ways to make your penis bigger

1. Supplements to make your Dick Bigger

Pills for bigger penis size

With over a billion pills sold, ExtenZe is hands-down one of the best male enhancement supplement. ExtenZe works perfectly for guys who need to achieve bigger and harder erections.

These pills that increase penis size also reduce the refractory period, thereby enabling men enjoy more frequent erections. ExtenZe pills also boost endurance, enabling men to have longer lasting sex sessions.

But why is ExtenZe® such an effective penis enhancement method?

The pills are made using a natural formula of herbs and aphrodisiac compounds that include zinc, ginger, Tribulus terrestris, Korean ginseng, Muira Puama and Horny goat weed. You can get this legendary pill straight from the manufacturer.

VigRX Plus® is the other top-rated erection pill that has been delivering hardness to men for many years. Powered by Damiana, Tribulus, and Bioperine, VigRX Plus® has a formula that will supercharge a man’s libido and heighten his sexual desire whenever and wherever an opportunity to hit the sack arises.

This supplement is endorsed and highly recommended by Dr. Steven Lamm, M.D. Get your supply of VigRX Plus here.

2. Penis Surgery: Penile Implants to make your Penis Bigger

This is a permanent technique of making a penis bigger. But it is also a risky method. This procedure is also the most expensive with costs of over $10,000. In this penis enlargement procedure, a silicone implant is inserted in the dick. There are different penis sizes that can be achieved, including large and extra-large.

Penis enlargement surgery takes about an hour. But a man needs to abstain from all sexual activities for about six weeks as his organ heals. Just as with a boob job, there are complications such as blood clots forming in the dick, infection and the implant can break up.

3. Penis Injections and Fillers

Penis injections make use of hyaluronic acid fillers to increase the girth and length of the flaccid penis. However, both penis injections and fillers are less invasive procedures than penis size surgery.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are also reportedly easy to dissolve if a man desires to have his old dick again. At the present, hyaluronic acid is the preferred substance for penis injections and fillers.

Hyaluronic acid is a clear, soft and sticky substance that occurs naturally in our bodies and is also found in the human skin. Consequently, penis injections and fillers are mostly safe. But there have been reports of pain, swelling, bruising, infection and even ED if blood vessels get blocked by the fillers.

4. Penis Stretching

Penis stretching relies on hands and stretching devices to increase the length of the dick. The results are small increases in the length of the penis tissues.

The most popular stretching devices are penis extenders and penis pumps.

Studies have proven that these methods can increase length and girth. But they need daily use. Men need to use the devices for about 6 hours every day and for up to 3 months to gain an inch in the length of the penis.

4.1. Penis Pumps.

Penis pumps have a cylindrical shape. They use air or water to create vacuum pressure that stretches the dick. This vacuum also causes blood to rush into the penis, thereby creating an instant erection.

4.2. Penis Extenders and Traction Devices

These create a pull that causes micro-tears in penile tissues. These small tears heal while stretched, leading to a slight increase in penis size

4.3. Jelqing

Jelqing is a milking technique that relies on hands to gently massage the semi-erect dick. Enough warm-up and a lubricant are necessary to prevent injury to the dick.

5. Edging is good for the Dick

Edging is also known as peaking and surfing. The technique is mostly used to improve orgasm control by men who cum too fast. But edging also helps improve erection quality and thus the size of the erect dick.

In this stop-go technique, a man delays ejaculation and orgasm for as long as he desires to. The technique involves building-up an erection and then maintaining it until almost at the peak – at this point you relax and allow your dick to become flaccid. One then repeats this process of erection-to-flaccid-to-erection several times per session.

6. Erection Drugs and Male Enhancement Supplements

Viagra, the blue pill, is the most famous erection drug. It works well, but it is a prescription drug that can cause serious and fatal side effects that include stroke, priapism (persistent and painful erection that requires medical intervention), seizures and convulsions, and a dangerous fall in blood pressure (hypotension).

In contrast, male enhancement supplements that boost erection quality are non-prescription and made from herbs and natural ingredients. This is why male erection supplements such as VigRX Plus and ExtenZe are recommended for men who desire to increase their erect penis size naturally – and whenever they want.

7. Shaving Pubic Hair (Manscaping) to Increase Penis Size

Manscaping is an informal word that refers to the habit of keeping the genitals as hair-free as possible. Other words that mean the same as manscaping include shaving down there, shaving pubes and shaving the groin.

While manscaping is a personal preference, many men enjoy the sight of their clean-shaven genitals since shaving down there causes the erect dick to look much bigger by at least an inch.

And just one inch is a lot of difference when it comes to penis size.

Manscaping also helps prevent infections and makes your crotch look cleaner, yummier and healthier.

8. Increase Testosterone Levels for Bigger Dick

Testosterone is the primary male hormone that regulates penis growth and influences the size of the erect penis. Aging is a leading cause of reduced testosterone levels. Other causes of low testosterone include lack of adequate sleep, unhealthy diet and stress.

However, strength training and having enough sleep are some of the easiest ways to stimulate the body to produce more testosterone.

There are testosterone supplements for men who need quick testosterone boost such as these that are taken as daily supplements. The pills work best when combined with a healthy diet and enough physical exercises.

Foods that increase T levels include grapes, bananas, apples, pomegranates, tuna, animal protein that includes low-fat dairy and lean meats, and Eggs.

9. Have Enough Sleep to make Erect Penis Bigger

Testosterone is produced in the balls. But most of the daily testosterone is released as we sleep. As a result, the hormone levels are highest when we wake up (usually in the morning). This is the cause of the common morning erection (morning wood) that most healthy men experience.

Men should sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours every day.

This means quality, uninterrupted sleep as interrupted sleep and obstructive sleep apnea cause reduced testosterone levels. Other leading causes of poor, interrupted sleep include stress, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, frequent urination at night, excess alcohol and caffeine, too much noise while one sleeps as well as the tendency to use electronic devises in bed.

10. Reduce Stress and Anxiety to enjoy Bigger Penis Size

Stress and anxiety affect the co-ordination between the brain, heart and the dick, leading to a reduction in blood flow when it matters most. Anxiety and depression, relationship problems, performance anxiety and chronic stress are also leading psychological causes of erectile dysfunction (ED).

And ED affects all age groups: men aged below 40 account for about 26 percent of all ED cases.

Stress and anxiety are a toxic combination. One will normally trigger the other, and this usually ends up in a vicious cycle of more stress and more anxiety. Add depression into this mix and a man will hit rock bottom.

Consequently, men need to understand what triggers their stress and anxiety – and take action to reduce these causes. Having enough sleep, relaxation and daily exercise, as well as listening to your favorite music, are great ways to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

11. Exercise Increases Muscle Mass and Erection Size

More exercise is beneficial for men who desire to make their penis bigger. The dick is made up of erectile tissues, nerves and blood vessels that are all enclosed in elastic connective tissues.

Physical exercise does not alter the maximum erect or flaccid dick size. But it will enhance flow of blood into and out of these penile tissues and blood vessels during an erection.

In addition, strength training is a great way to increase the production of testosterone that, in turn, ensures a bigger, harder, stronger and longer erection. Here are the top 5 exercises for a quick testosterone boost:

  • Resistance Training – these boost muscle strength and endurance
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT) – short periods of intense anaerobic exercise (and high heart-rate) that are repeatedly alternated with low intensity recovery periods. HIIT are great for your cardiovascular system
  • Strength training – lifting heavy weights to build strength and stamina
  • Squats – these are easy to do at the comfort of your home. They strengthen your core and strengthen multiple muscle groups and joints. Squats are great for men who desire to cum farther and harder
  • Pull-ups and Push-ups: these exercises are great for your upper body – biceps, arm, shoulders and your back

Remember to allocate yourself enough time to relax and rest after every exercise session.

12. Watch your Diet

Men need to eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, in addition to carbs for energy, and enough vitamins and proteins. Different fruits and veggies usually have different colors. This is a good indicator of their composition.

Citrus fruits are good for male health
Citrus fruits are good for male health. Lemons and lime also make green tea shots tastier.

For example, bright red fruits and vegetables have a lot of Lycopene. Lycopene is a bright red antioxidant that also exists in pink-colored fruits. These include tomatoes, watermelon, pink guavas and grapefruits and apricots. Citrus fruits, especially the peel, have a lot of natural antioxidants.

Other fruits such as pomegranates, papaya, pineapples, kiwano melon and nuts that include macadamia are good foods for more cum. They are also great sources of zinc that helps boost the production of testosterone.

Fast foods are leading causes of obesity in the world. They are packed with sugar, salt and the bad fats – saturated fat and Trans fat. You need to avoid, if possible, eating a lot of cookies, French fries, fried fatty meats, margarine, pizza, muffins, chips etc.

13. Lose Weight

Fat men appear to have a small penis. But this is mostly due to the presence of pubic fat that covers the region around the base of the penis. The fat gradually swallows-up the penis, a condition that is referred to as a buried penis.

Being overweight is also a leading cause of ED, as well as conditions such as diabetes and low testosterone that can lead to ED.

Pot bellies are a serious worry for many men. As many as 1 in 3 British men (33%) aged between 35 – 60 years can’t see their penis! Moreover, pot bellies are usually accompanied by weak belly muscles – and an inability to shoot jizz.

Exercise, lifestyle changes (less alcohol intake) and eating a healthy diet are some of the best ways for men to lose excess fat.

14. Go Herbal

There are many herbs that increase libido, stamina and stimulate better blood flow into the genitals to increase the size of the erect penis. You can enjoy the benefits of most of these herbs in the top male supplements. But one can also add the herbs to food and tea.

These erection-boosting herbs include:

  • Ginseng – Another name for Ginseng is herbal Viagra. Panax Ginseng exists throughout Asia while American Ginseng is native to North America
  • Maca – this herb has its origins in Peru. The powder from the root of Maca increases testosterone, libido and sexual endurance
  • Tribulus terrestris – this is a testosterone boosting herb that is native to Europe and Africa
  • Yohimbe – Yohimbe trees are native to West Africa. Spanish speaking Equatorial Guinea is one of the countries in Africa where Yohimbe grows well. The active ingredient is called yohimbine, and is extracted from the bark of this tree. Yohimbine is mostly used to cure ED, increase testosterone levels and stimulate the body to lose excess fat.
  • Ginkgo biloba – the Ginkgo biloba tree is native to China. The tree’s extracts treat low libido and ED, among other ailments.

But men can enjoy the benefits of these herbs in pills such as Volume Pills and Semenax that increase erection quality and ejaculate volume.

Main Benefits of having a Bigger Dick

  • Greater self-esteem and sexual confidence – About 45% of all men have at some point thought that they had a small dick. Knowing that you aren’t small where it matters the most for men greatly boosts a man’s self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Guaranteed satisfaction when solo and for both partners – while girth is more important to both men and women during actual sex, many people also enjoy the healthy practice of masturbation. Consequently, sometimes more dick is better – but not too big!
  • More libido, stamina and endurance – more physical exercises, good diet and less alcohol are good ways for a man to ensure optimum testosterone levels that guarantee a healthy sexual appetite and longer-lasting power in the bedroom.
  • Bigger loads of cum – Many men desire to shoot bigger loads of jizz. Moreover, most men who wonder how to cum more find that the ability to attain and maintain a good erection enables them to last longer and finish with massive loads. Consequently, many of these techniques to get a bigger penis are also greater for guys who desire to ejaculate more, harder and farther.
  • Better orgasm control – some ways to increase penis size such as edging and jelqing are good for men who cum too quick. They enable a man to have greater orgasm and ejaculatory control. As a result, a man is able to last longer in bed
  • More sexual appeal – physical strength is the most appealing male trait for most women. Most women are also attracted to taller men. Not surprisingly, gay men are also more likely to feel more attraction towards masculine men.
  • Better erection quality – men who have enough levels of testosterone enjoy having bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections.
  • Reduced risk of Penile Dysmorphic Disorder (PDD)
  • Better overall health – the natural ways to make your penis bigger (such as more physical exercises, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and lifestyle changes such as reduced alcohol intake and quitting smoking) do lead to a man enjoying better whole body health.
  • More repeat sex – women and men frequently describe great sex using words such as “incredibly good“, “amazing“, “sensational“. Consequently, any man who knows how to give his partner, male or female, a tornado of sensations can expect to enjoy many happy days in the sack.

Factors that Affect Penis Growth and Determine Penis Size

  • Testosterone levels – the primary male hormone is a steroid hormone that is continuously secreted by the testicles. Men who have reduced testosterone levels experience more stress, irritability and anxiety. In contrast, men who have normal levels of this all-important hormone enjoy a bigger and harder erection. Most importantly for matters of size, testosterone is the hormone that causes the growth of the dick and testicles during puberty.
  • Age – The ages between 9 and 14 years are when most boys’ testicles start producing testosterone. This is also when male sexual characteristics start developing – including penis growth. Full penis size usually occurs between 18 and 21 years of age. Aging causes a gradual reduction in the amount of testosterone manufactured in the testicles. As a result, men experience a 1 -3% drop in testosterone levels beginning from around 40 years of age and this leads to decreased erection quality that may cause the erect dick to appear shorter.
  • Geneticsthe apple never falls far away from the tree. Genetics greatly influence the shape and size of the human male genitalia.
  • Ethnicity/ nationality – men from South America and Africa have the biggest penises on average. Asian countries make the bulk of the bottom of the human penis size chart
  • Erection quality – the most-cited penis size measurement is also the most important: An erect penis size. In addition, the quality of an erection affects the penis size. Luckily, there are supplements such as these and these erection pills that boost hardness, and in the process increase the length and girth of the dick.

Lifestyle habits that affect penis size

  1. Diet – a healthy male diet includes vitamins, minerals, protein (especially low-fat milk and lean animal protein), carbs and adequate fiber to assist in digestion. You need a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables: and a mixture of these is highly recommended since different foods have different amounts of nutrients.
  2. Being Obese/ Overweight – having a lot of fat around the pubic region causes the dick to appear smaller. Obese and overweight men also have lower levels of testosterone and stamina needed to achieve and maintain high-quality hardness.
  3. Smoking cigarettes – smoking is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Cigarette smoking also causes men to have a shorter erect penis. This is because of reduced blood flow caused by clogged arteries – smoking increases plaque formation in blood vessels
  4. Alcohol – a little booze, such as moderate intake of the Jameson Schnapps green tea shot, is good for the bedroom. But too much alcohol causes the dreaded “whiskey dick“, an inability to rise up to the occasion.
  5. Stress – stress causes reduced levels of testosterone. Consequently, men who need to have a bigger erection should lower their stress levels.
  6. Lack of enough sleep – adult men should have at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The recommended amount is actually 7 to 9 hours, during which most of the daily testosterone is released.
  7. Sedentary lifestyle – being physically active ensures proper flow of blood throughout the body. It also keeps the heart’s muscles in top shape, ready to pump enough blood to the dick during arousal.
  8. Manscaping – men who shave down there may appear to have a bigger dick. In any case, clean-shaven or trimmed pubic hair is a good indicator of a hygiene-conscious man

Here are Some Top Facts about Dicks and Penis Size

  1. The penis is not a muscle. It is made up of spongy tissues that are designed to fill up with blood and lose blood when necessary.
  2. There are two ways to measure a penis: length and girth (circumference).
  3. Most women are okay with the average dick size. For many women, what is more important is how a guy uses his dick. However, women interested in a one night stand are more likely to prefer a big dick while the preferred size for a life-time partner is between average to slightly bigger than average – because large penises cause mild to excruciating pain to women during intercourse.
  4. Genetics is one of the main determinants of dick size. As far as erection size is concerned, you can simply say that were born with it.
  5. Many of these ways to increase penis size give temporary gains: the exception is penis surgery, injections and fillers whose results are permanent.
  6. Some of the ways to make your penis bigger come with risks and complications, and even permanent damage.
  7. Long-term use of erection pills such as the blue pill can cause addiction that may lead to impotence.
  8. Vaginas aren’t as long as many men imagine and cases of well-endowed men hitting the cervix during sex are common. The average vagina is about 33% shorter than the average erect dick. But the vagina will lengthen a bit when a woman is aroused.
  9. Penis size differs with race and ethnicity. According to and BJUI, men from South America and Africa have the biggest dicks on average. Congolese and Ecuadorians have the biggest erect penises, with an average length of 17.93cm and 17.61 cm respectively. Cameroonians come next at 16.67 cm. The average penis size in America is 13.58 cm when erect. Men from Southeast Asian nations (Cambodia, Burma, Taiwan, Philippines, Sri Lanka etc.) are at the bottom end of the penis size chart.
  10. The average length of the erect dick is 5.16 inches, and 3.61 inches when flaccid. The average girth of an erect penis is 4.59 inches while that of a flaccid dick is 3.66 inches.
  11. A man is either a shower or a grower. A “grower” has a penis that changes significantly in size (lengthwise) when erect. In contrast, a “shower” has a penis that has almost the same length when flaccid and when erect.
  12. A small penis is one that is smaller than 4 inches when hard. Most men (over 90%) measure between 4 and 6 inches.
  13. Puberty for boys begins between the ages of 9.5 and 14 years. Puberty starts with the growth of the testicles, followed about a year later by an increase in penis size. Additionally, most guys achieve their maximum penis growth around the 18th and 19th years of age.

Micropenis, Small, Normal and Large Dick: More Facts about Human Penis Size

What is the average penis size?

The average penis size of a flaccid dick is 3.61 inches and 5.61 inches when erect. This is the length. The average girth, in contrast, ranges from 3.66 inches when flaccid to 4.8 inches when hard.

Why are so many men worried about their penis size?

The average age for first-exposure to porn in Western countries is 13.37 years. Youngest exposures happen at about 5 years while quite a few guys experience porn as late as their 26th birthday. This explains why many men have a wrong view of normal penis size – and sex, women and relationships in general.

To put it simply, men love porn and too much porn is distorting the human mind.

Do women like partners who have large dicks?

No. Most women are very satisfied with the average penis size. They are more interested in what a man co do with it. Moreover, women have a more realistic view of normal penis size since fewer women watch porn as compared to men.

How many guys have 7 inches?

A 7 inch penis is not common. It’s only about 15% of all men who have a dick measuring 7 inches or more

How many guys have 8 inches?

Just like 7 inch penis size, very few guys have 8 inch penis. Men who have 8 inch penis or more are only about 2% of the population.

What is the best way to make your penis bigger?

There are several ways to increase penis size. These are both natural and unnatural ways. Some men opt for surgery so as to get a permanent increase in length. Others go for temporary size gains – and these men desire to have a bigger erection size.

Why does penis size change as one ages?

The levels of testosterone are the main determinant of how much change happens to a man’s erect penis size. As a result, men should concentrate on having enough testosterone in order to continue enjoying the benefits of having a bigger dick. Luckily, there are natural ways to boost testosterone levels such as having enough sleep, strength training and eating zinc-rich foods such as pomegranates, lean meat, kiwano melon, watermelon and eggs.

Men who have lower testosterone levels usually also have more body fat.  And more fat on the pubic bone (prepubic fat pad) causes the penis to look smaller.

What is considered a big or small penis?

Tough question! Any dick bigger than 7 inches in length or 5 inches in girth is too big and will cause pain or damage to the cervix of most women.

Any dick smaller than 3.67 inches when erect is in the category of a micropenis. But this is a very rare condition.

Only 0.6% of all men have a micropenis. This is the size that really needs medical attention. Furthermore, only about 15% of all men have a dick longer than 7 inches. Interestingly, about 45% of men wrongly believe that they have a small penis.

What is the size of the largest penis ever?

Jonah Adam Falcon, an American actor and television presenter, is regarded as the proud owner of the largest human penis. His dick measures at 13.5 inches when erect and 9.5 inches when flaccid. Now that’s really huge!

What is the best penis size to satisfy women?

Most nerves in the vagina are in the first 2 – 3 inches of the vaginal canal. As a result, going deeper and deeper is of little importance to most women: what they need more is greater stimulation of the clitoris and those 2 – 3 first inches of the vaginal canal. In fact, many women indicate that girth of the penis matters more to them than the length. This is why most men have an average penis size that is a good fit for most women.

These are the ways of how to make your penis bigger. We hope you get to enjoy the benefits of having a bigger, firmer and longer manhood. Remember that you can also achieve a bigger dick faster by adding this supplement to your daily routine of healthy diet, physical exercises, enough sleep and stress-free living.

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