How to Not cum Fast: Stop Cumming So Quick During Sex

About 30% of men cum fast during sex. This condition is called premature ejaculation, a condition that is easily relieved using delay sprays and premature ejaculation pills. It is a common sexual disorder. Men who cum quick don’t last more than 1.5 minutes.

However, many men have a distorted view of the ideal sex duration. This is mostly because of watching porn. In porn movies sex scenes are edited. Moreover, porn stars are usually under the influence of performance enhancing drugs such as the blue pill.

There is still no definitive answer as to how long sex should last: sexperts are still debating about it. But it’s good to note that vaginal sex normally lasts between 5.4 and 7.5 minutes.

The average sex duration is 5.4 minutes. In addition, most men have a male orgasm latency (also called intravaginal ejaculation latency time) of between 2 and 3 minutes. Intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT) is the period between penetration and ejaculation.

How to Not cum Fast: Stop Cumming So Quick During Sex

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But most of the 70% of men who last “normally” during sex are eager to last even longer. This is for several reasons:

How to not cum quick

Men who exercise regularly are less likely to cum quick!

  • To please their partners
  • Lasting longer in bed boosts self-esteem and confidence
  • To satisfy their distorted view of “good” sex duration
  • Men who do not cum so fast are able to shoot more cum. They are also more likely to cum further
  • To have more overall sexual satisfaction

Some of the main reasons why some men cum fast are:

  • Aging – the median IELT decreases with age. Men aged between 18 and 30 years last the longest on average
  • Being too sensitive in the genital region
  • Lack of good ejaculatory control
  • Performance anxiety – this can be caused by inexperience or being with a new partner
  • Being over-stimulated
  • Going for too long without sex, leading to a buildup of ejaculate and increased sexual tension
  • Hormone problems
  • Stress – this is a leading cause of male sexual disorders.
  • Weak pelvis muscles
  • Nerve damage – caused by injury or surgery
  • hyperthyroidism – a thyroid problem
  • Psychological causes – such as guilt, fear and relationship problems
  • Lifestyle choices – especially smoking, alcoholism and a sedentary lifestyle

The following are easy but effective remedies for men who wonder how to not cum quick.

1. More Foreplay Please

Foreplay is simply any sexual act performed before penetrative sex. It doesn’t even have to lead to sex. You can sometimes make foreplay the main event! Moreover, foreplay doesn’t have to start in bed, or just before sex. Foreplay is particularly important because most women (over 70%) cannot orgasm through penetration alone.

How to go about it? Every person has a different view of what great foreplay is, so be sure to ask your partner.

But always remember that foreplay should be fun, never a chore.

2. Delay Sprays, Creams and Pills

How to not cum fast

Benzocaine is a mild, local anesthetic that is commonly found in cough drops, oral pain ointments and many common pain relievers.

It works by blocking the transmission of nerve signals. And it works fast – within a minute of application and its effect lasts up to 10 minutes after application.

Benzocaine is the main ingredient in this delay spray. It is a male desensitizer spray which men spray and then rub on their dick a few minutes before sex.

The other natural ingredients in this product also boost erection and stamina.

The best delay pill for men with premature ejaculation is ProSolution Plus. This is a daily herbal supplement.

3. Reduce Performance Anxiety

Counseling is one way to relieve chronic performance anxiety. But men who have lower levels of anxiety can get relief by exercising more, avoiding stressful situations and generally taking it easy.

4. Add a Sex Toy to the Mix

Sex toys are a great way to deal with performance anxiety. They help by taking valuable time off the main event – and you can as well make them the main event! Sex toys help avoid sexual boredom. And the best part is that many women love them.

5. Strengthen your Pelvic Muscles

» Kegels, Kegels, Kegels

Kegel exercises strengthen your core pelvic muscles. They enable a man to almost cum at will. Perhaps the best part about Kegels is that they are easy and effective.

» Edging to not cum fast

Edging is a stop-go technique that is done to increase ejaculatory control. The jelqing-like practice takes a man close to having a release, at which point he relaxes and waits for his erection to subside a little.

This is repeated over and over.

» Masturbation helps build ejaculatory control

Men who masturbate often have a lower level of sensitivity in their dick. The practice also enables a man to practice good ejaculatory control by controlling the level of erection.

» More Physical Exercises to Last Longer

Physical exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system and lead to better overall health. As noted above, young men under 30 years last longer. This is partly because men in that age group are physically fitter than those over 50.

6. How to Not cum Fast by Watching your Diet and Weight

Pygeum, lecithin, zinc, arginine, lysine and celery are referred to as the cum holy grail. These are among a long list of herbs that boost testosterone levels and act as natural erection boosters. A man should also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid being overweight and last longer in bed. You should also ensure that you are getting enough potassium, zinc, iron and other essential minerals and vitamins from your food – daily.

7. Stop Smoking and Drink less Alcohol to Last Longer

Men who smoke are more likely to have premature ejaculation. This is because cigarettes contain nicotine, a stimulant and parasympathomimetic alkaloid that stimulates your body to release adrenaline, thereby giving the smoker a buzz of energy and pleasure.

However, nicotine causes the contraction of blood vessels. This causes less blood to reach the dick, and a man is unable to last during sex. This is also why cigarette smoking is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction.

But men who smoke are also more likely to have lower semen volume, lower sperm count and more abnormal sperm. As a result, stopping smoking is one of the top male health tips.

8. How to Not cum Fast by using a Condom

Condoms, especially the thicker brands, help to reduce sensitivity during sex. They are recommended for men who cum quick during sex. You may also try adding a lubricant (with or without a condom) to further reduce the sensitivity.

9. Medications to Help Men Last Longer in Bed

Some men find that taking doctor-prescribed antidepressants (SSRI antidepressants), such as clomipramine, helps them to not cum so quick.

These are the best ways for men who wonder how to not cum fast to overcome the embarrassing issue of not being able to last longer in bed.

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