Volume Pills Reviews: Is this the Best Pill to increase Semen Volume?

According to many Volume Pills reviews, these pills are a premium seminal fluid booster that help men produce bigger loads, increase libido and stamina, and improve the quality of their erections. But is this true?

These Volume Pills reviews on price, ingredients, user reviews, pros and cons, dosing and side effects will verify these claims. We will also compare Volume Pills with its competitors: Semenax, UltraLoad and Max Volume.

Some of the top reasons why men might have reduced semen volume are aging, genetics, an unhealthy diet, and living an unhealthy lifestyle that lacks enough physical exercises.

Thankfully, as we will learn in these Volume Pills reviews, there are many ingredients in the supplement that help to reverse these causes of lower ejaculate volume. Some, like the bitter melon, are libido enhancers.

Shoot Bigger Loads and Enjoy Bigger Orgasms

  • Increase Semen Volume (up to 500% More Cum) and Orgasm Power
  • Enjoy Longer and More Intense Orgasms.
  • Enjoy BIGGER, Thicker, Harder and Longer Erections.
  • Experience Better overall Sexual Power, Pleasure and Performance

Other Volume Pills ingredients increase our body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the compound that helps blood vessels widen and cause enough blood to flow to the genitals for harder and stronger erections.

Volume Pills Reviews: Is this the Best Pill to increase Ejaculate Fluid?

Volume Pills Reviews on Price

There are different price packages for Volume Pills. These are:

  • 1 Month supply for $59.95
  • 2 Month supply of Volume Pills for $109.95
  • 3 Months supply for $154.95
  • 6 Months of Volume Pills for $289.95
  • 12 Months supply of Volume Pills for $399.95

In addition, all customers in the U.S enjoy free shipping, and discreet packaging for all customers. All Volume Pills purchases are also covered by the massive 67-days money back guarantee.

Volume Pills Reviews of Benefits

Volume Pills are marketed as a semen volume enhancement supplement. But due to the many ingredients, men enjoy many more benefits after regularly taking these pills.

Here are the main benefits we enjoy after taking Volume Pills.

1. Bigger Visual Appeal

Many men like watching porn. One of the main features in most porn videos that have male actors is the cumshot – finishing with huge loads of jizz. Consequently, many men desire to perform and finish like they favorite porn stars.

2. Higher Fertility Level

The ability to produce more ejaculate can increase the chances of conception. This is because each load a man produces has sperm in it. But producing more ejaculate doesn’t guarantee higher sperm quality. As a result, men also need to learn how to improve sperm count.

3. Men who take Volume Pills have More Stamina

Volume Pills review

Volume Pills™ come in a box that has 60 capsules of these ejaculate volume boosters. You should take 2 capsules each day. As a result, a box of Volume Pills™ should last a month

I became more energetic when my testosterone levels increased after taking volume Pills. Testosterone helps men build muscle mass. Moreover, Testosterone is the primary male hormone that causes development of manliness: maturation of the penis and testicles, deep voice, body hair and masculinity, among others.

4. Lasting Longer in Bed

This is another top male concern. Porn actors appear to shoot huge loads. They are also seen to last incredibly longer during the act. Of course porn videos are heavily edited. But many people think that what they see in porn is the expected performance, hence the desire to last longer in bed. My experience is that taking Volume Pills for at least 2 weeks helped me start to last much longer in bed.

5. Volume Pills are Good  for Cardiovascular Health

The blood circulation system plays a great role in male sexual performance since erection is all about hydraulics. A great cardiovascular system ensures good performance in bed. Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen are among the ingredients in Volume Pills that ensure a good blood circulation system by causing blood vessels to open wider during arousal.

6. Good General Body Health

I have found that these semen supplements have over 10 ingredients. Men who boost their testosterone levels, increase sex drive, have a great cardiovascular system and have much lower stress levels (because they don’t worry about failing in bed) are more likely to have superb whole-body health. However, it is recommended that they also learn the over 50 health tips for men.

7. More Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Men who don’t suffer from low self esteem and low self confidence are not likely to have performance anxiety. They are also less likely to have erectile dysfunction, since some of the causes of erection problems are psychological in nature.

8. Better Control over my Orgasms

Another positive side-effect of taking Volume Pills is that my orgasm control improved greatly. About 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. They cum too fast. San guo mu is one of the Volume Pills ingredients that help build ejaculatory control. For best results, I added Kegel exercises to tone my pelvic floor muscles.

9. More Pleasure during Orgasm

This must not be overlooked. After all, sex in humans is mostly for pleasure – unlike animals that mostly mate during the females’ fertile period. After taking Volume Pills for more than a month, I did experience more pleasure as a result of finishing with huge loads.

10. More Opportunities for sex

My increases self-confidence and high self-esteem made me more able to interact with ladies. I now enjoy more opportunities for sex since I started taking Volume Pills. Men who are good in bed are more likely to enjoy repeat sex. They are also more likely to have many sexual partners in their lifetime.

Volume Pills Customer Reviews

We have received a lot of feedback from people who have purchased and used Volume Pills. Below are some of the Volume Pills reviews from users.

Great results after 2 weeks of Volume Pills

I started noticing an increase in the amount of semen I produce by the middle of the second week of taking Volume Pills.

However, I had more libido and my erections were noticeably harder during the first week. In addition, my stamina is now great, all thanks to Volume Pills.

Volume Pills Review by John Mac Alister
Volume Pills Review by John Mac Alister

John reports getting great results from the first week of taking Volume Pills. He has also been enjoying the multiple benefits of the semen fluid booster, including more libido and stamina.

Our sex life is much better now!

My husband doesn't get enough rest and sleep due to his working schedule. As a result his libido had dropped a lot, and I was suffering from the lack of intimacy.

When I heard of Volume Pills, I convinced him to try the supplement. I'm happy to report that we are now having regular and great sex, again!

Volume Pills review by Stacy A. Lewis
Volume Pills review by Stacy A. Lewis

We are really glad that Stacy and her partner have found the spark again, so to speak. We wish them many more years of incredible love and intimacy.

I finish with bigger loads and have harder erections now

I decided to try Volume Pills after watching how guys finish in porn, with huge loads.

Those sex scenes are definitely edited to emphasize on the amount of cum they produce. But my loads are now much bigger, and my erections are harder and last longer!

Volume Pills Review by Phil Martins
Volume Pills Review by Phil Martins

Phil can now rival his favorite porn stars when it comes to shooting big loads. He also reports enjoying harder erections while taking Volume Pills

The ingredients in Volume Pills really work

I'm at that age when our bodies naturally start to slow down. My advancing age was affecting my sexual prowess, that's when I decided to get these supplements.

My libido has increased, my stamina is higher now and I have more energy to exercise and work. Clearly, the ingredients in Volume Pills work and their effects last throughout the day.

Volume Pills Review by Wesley Brown
Volume Pills Review by Wesley Brown

One of the main benefits of taking Volume Pills is the increase in testosterone levels. Men who have good amounts of testosterone have good energy levels, and Wesley reports an increase in his energy levels after taking Volume Pills

I have more self-confidence and self-esteem now

Nothing kills an erection faster than performance anxiety, that feeling we get when we aren't sure of our ability to perform.

I used to experience a lot of performance anxiety before I started taking Volume Pills. However, the erection and stamina boost I receive from the pills have boosted my confidence and self-esteem.

Volume Pills Review by Sam H. Andrew
Volume Pills Review by Sam H. Andrew

Sam is now enjoying the positive effects of greater self-esteem and self-confidence, including harder and stronger erections

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What are the Ingredients in Volume Pills?

Volume Pills Ingredients

Bitter Melon

The Bitter melon (Ku Gua) is one of the ingredients in Volume Pills

1. Drilizen

This compound is present in many male enhancement supplements. It’s role is to facilitate the production of more nitric oxide in our body. Our bodies naturally produce nitric oxide. We can also increase the levels of this vasodilator by eating foods rich in nitrates such as spinach, celery and lettuce.

However, drilizen makes the body produce a lot more nitric oxide, leading to more widening of blood vessels and a stronger, bigger and longer-lasting erection.

2. Solidilin

This compound is frequently found in combination with drilizen in male sex supplements. Solidilin is a libido booster that increases our motivation to have sexual intimacy.

It does this by increasing our body’s production of dopamine hormone. This is the hormone that makes us feel good and enables efficient transmission of pleasurable sensations during arousal and sex.

3. Xi Lan Rou Gui and Hong Hua Fen

Xi lan rou gui is obtained from trees that belong to the Cinnamomum family. Hong hua also goes by the names Safflower, American Saffron and African Saffron.

This herb is used in traditional Chinese medicine for several issues that include healing wounds, enabling good digestion and reducing inflammation. These two herbs are good for the cardiovascular system.

4. Bitter melon (Ku Gua)

This is a fruit and vegetable that is mostly grown in East Africa, Asia and South America. It is also called Momordica charantia, bitter gourd, bitter apple or the bitter cucumber. Ku Gua are one of the best fruits for men and are rich in vitamins A and C, potassium, iron as well as zinc that helps increase testosterone levels.

I eat this bitter-tasting veggie to also help control blood sugar, and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Bitter melons also have antioxidants that reduce the risk of getting cancer. Moreover, these fruits are good for reducing stress levels.

5. San Guo Mu

This is yet another common component in traditional Chinese medicine. Taking San Guo Mu enhances cardiovascular health. The herb is also prescribed for male fertility problems – and thus helps men produce more ejaculate.

The other ingredients in Volume Pills are Trihydroxy flavone and Embilica officinalis, Dong Chong Xia Cao, Zinc Gluconate, Ling Zhi, Xian Mao, Tian Men Dong and Fucus Vesiculosus.

Pros of Volume Pills

  • The manufacturer of Volume Pills, Leading Edge Health Ltd, follows all the cGMP guidelines by the American Food and Drugs Administration Agency (FDA) that ensure the highest quality when manufacturing, processing and packaging food and medicines
  • Volume Pills are a once-a-day supplement. Simply take 2 pills with a meal and you are good to go!
  • Men enjoy multiple benefits that include an increase in ejaculate fluid, stronger and harder erections, increased libido and stamina, and higher testosterone levels
  • You get the supplement at zero risk since Volume Pills have a 67 days money back guarantee
  • Volume Pills have been on the market for over a decade, and have many user reviews and are backed by many clinical studies
  • As a dietary supplement, the positive and multiple benefits of Volume Pills last the whole day

Cons of Volume Pills

  • Some men report having very hard erections and a lot of stamina while taking Volume Pills
  • These pills are more expensive that some over-the-counter performance enhancers. But users are guaranteed of the highest quality and original products direct from the manufacturer
  • Volume Pills are a herbal and dietary supplement that takes several days for the multiple benefits to be enjoyed


Each box of Volume Pills has 60 tablets that are enough for a whole month. Therefore, the recommended daily dose is 2 tablets of Volume Pills, preferably with food.

Side Effects

Men who have regularly taken Volume Pills report enjoying positive side effects. But overdosing on these pills may cause a slight headache.

Why are Volume Pills better than other Ejaculate Boosters?

  1. They are 100% Herbal
  2. Zero negative side effects. But expect to regularly experience frequent and rock-hard erections.
  3. No addictive narcotics – just a safe erection boost from mother nature!
  4. No expensive bills. Volume pills are relatively cheap when compared to the original blue pill which costs over $20 per pill.
  5. There’s no need for a doctor’s prescription: I simply ordered through the manufacturer’s website and they delivered fast.
  6. You won’t be subjected to risky injections, gadgets or an invasion of your privacy.
  7. Volume Pills work fast. I saw an improvement in ejaculate volume during the second week.
  8. Multiple ingredients that improve whole body health
  9. Volume Pills ship with a huge 67 days Money Back Guarantee. This greatly reduces chances of going at a loss since one can request a refund.

A Brief Comparison Between Volume Pills and Competitors

Let us compare Volume Pills and the main competitors, Semenax, UltraLoad and Max Volume.

Volume Pills Vs Semenax

Both Volume Pills and Semenax are manufactured and sold by Leading Edge Health Ltd. They are also semen volume enhancers and their users report similar benefits.

However, the ingredients list for Semenax is totally different from that of Volume Pills.

UltraLoad vs Volume Pills

UltraLoad is a seminal fluid booster from Performance Naturals. However, both Volume Pills and UltraLoad have similar benefits and are for men who desire to produce more ejaculate fluid, enjoy more stamina and libido, and have stronger and harder erections.

Volume Pills Vs Max Volume

Max Volume is a much newer supplement, unlike Volume Pills that have been on the market for over 10 years. But both target the same market and have similar benefits.

Where to Buy Volume Pills

The manufacturers of these semen volume pills are so confident with their product that they even offer us a 67 day full money-back (satisfaction) guarantee. Yeah. You’ve read that one right – an enormous 2 months money-back guarantee. This means you will get a 100% refund should you not enjoy the effects of this top-rated ejaculate volume supplement.

Furthermore, this supplement regularly comes with free bonus gifts. In conclusion I have this bonus tip for you: Buy Volume Pills in a bigger package to enjoy huge savings! Here is the official website for Volume Pills.

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