Jelqing for Girth and Length: The Ultimate Jelqing Exercises Guide

Jelqing for girth and length is a popular penis enlargement exercise. It is done by men who want to increase the length and girth of their dick. It is important to learn what is a jelq and how to jelq since jelqing exercises can be harmful if not done properly.

Multiple jelqing results suggest that the penis exercises are the best non-surgical enlargement technique. There are jelqing videos that show the correct way to jelq and prove that it really works.

Jelqing for Girth and Length: How to use Jelqing Exercises to get a bigger Dick

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What Is Jelqing?

It is pronounced as “jel-king”. This is an old penis enlargement exercise that is thought to have started in the Middle East where it was referred to as Arabic jelqing or milking. Arabic fathers taught their sons the penis massage technique as a way to ensure success in their sexual relationships.

Jelq: does jelqing work?

Jelqing is also called milking

Regular jelqs after sufficient warm up is a natural technique that men have used for ages to increase the length and girth of their penis.

It is more than just a penis enlargement exercise: if done correctly, it increases the duration of male erection and enhances sexual arousal. Being able to achieve higher arousal helps men produce more sperm and shoot huge load of cum. Producing more cum helps whiten the ejaculate of men with yellow semen.

Jelqs are popular with men looking for ways of how to get a bigger dick. This is because no special gadgets are needed: all you need are your hands, a lubricant and the privacy of your bathroom. In addition, you can continue the penis exercises while taking semen volume enhancers such as Volume Pills.

What is a Jelq?

The penis enlargement routines performed while jelqing are referred to as jelqs. They are repeated for a number of times during each exercise session. A single jelq lasts between 2-3 seconds. As one hand nears the head of the dick, start another jelq with the other hand at the base of the penis. Then repeat.

Beginners will normally start off with fewer jelqs (lasting about 5 minutes) and gradually increase the count with time. Each session should ideally last between 5 and 30 minutes. It can be done as often as 5 days every week.

It is best to avoid sex immediately before or after this penis enlargement exercise to boost blood flow to the dick. There are two types of jelqs.

Wet jelqs are the best since they result in less stress on your penis. It is done by first applying a lubricant such as Vaseline to your dick. As the name suggests, a dry jelq is performed without a lubricant. It is less recommended since it causes more stress on your shaft.

Does jelqing work?

Jelqing for girth and length increases girth and length naturally. But the penis stretching exercise must be done frequently, at best daily, in order to result in more thickness and length.

Are Jelqing Exercises Safe for Penis Enlargement?

Jelqing for girth and length is safe if done correctly and in moderation. Penis size worries have persisted for centuries. As a result, many penis enlargement techniques have been devised over time in an effort to “correct” perceived penis size deficiencies.

The techniques include stretching the shaft and using tape to attach the stretched dick to one side of the thigh. In addition, some men have tried hanging weights on the shaft to stretch the dick. Furthermore, there are penis pumps and even the risky penis surgery that promises to give men a bigger dick.

What are the Jelqing Results?

Jelq for Girth and Length

Jelqing is good for pelvic muscles

The above crude techniques for increasing the length and girth of a penis are risky, tiresome and harmful. We recommend jelqing in combination with Volume Pills to give your dick a makeover.

To produce results of an increase in length and girth of up to 2 inches, jelqing works by forcing blood into the chambers of the penis.

This causes a stretching of the penis tissues. The stretching causes an increase in the diameter and length of your dick.

But does jelqing really work? There are many videos available online which claim to prove successful penis enlargement through these exercises.

The same jelq results are repeated on many online male forums.

There are no scientific studies that have concluded that jelqing increases penis size. But many men have reported adding up to 2 inches to their penis length by performing regular jelqs. Most men who record big success indicate that they limit the stimulation to avoid ejaculation.

How to Jelq

There are four main steps while jelqing for girth and length. Begin by circling the base of the penis with your writing hand. Your grip should encircle the penis base completely in an OK grip.

Usually, this results in your thumb finger being on the top part of the shaft, and the rest of the fingers encircling the dick on its down side.

You can choose to have the palm facing up, to the left, right or facing down. Whatever works for you, and depending on whether you are right or left-handed. Move your hand towards the glans of your semi-erect penis, and as this hand nears the tip, begin with your other hand at the base. Repeat for about a hundred jelqs, and stop if you feel any pain.

This exercise should not lead to pain. A painful jelq may be an indication that you are overdoing it, or applying too much pressure. Let your penis rest for a few days, then try again.

Remember to do this routine on a semi-erect penis, and so do not let yourself be stimulated to an ejaculation. You can always follow-up with actual masturbation, if you need to ejaculate.

Jelqs are usually done with both hands but can also be done with one hand. Using one hand is similar to jerking-off (masturbation), with the only difference being that jelqs are done with a semi-erect penis. These penis enlargement exercises should not result in ejaculation.

How to Jelq Safely

There are a few basic rules that will guarantee the safety of your penis during the penis enlargement exercise:

  1. Do a warm up. A good warm-up should last about 5 minutes.
  2. Use a lubricant and be gentle on your dick.
  3. Never jelq the head of your penis (the glans). Additionally, the exercise does not involve the testicles.
  4. Do not jelq with a full erection. A 50-75% erection is okay. Stretching your dick while on a full erection can result in injuries.
  5. Always start at the base of the penis and stop before you reach the glans
  6. Do a 5 minutes warm down – gradually reduce the speed and grip on your penis.

All the jelqs, including the warm-up and warm-down, should last about 30 minutes in total. Perform about 100-200 jelqs per session. Expect to see an increase in length and girth after a month or two.

Does Jelqing Increase Length and Girth?


The OK grip

The risk of penile damage is very low when jelqing for girth and length. This penis enlargement routine forces more blood into the erectile tissues of the penis, the corpora cavernosa, leading to an increase in penis length and girth.

These corpora cavernosa are two chambers of the penis that run along its length and are composed of spongy tissue that fills with blood during arousal to create the male erection.

More blood volume in these spongy tissues obviously increases the thickness of the penis – the girth. A firmer erection also causes the erect penis to appear longer. Volume Pills cause more blood to flow south to give harder, firmer and bigger erections too.

The other main benefits of greater blood volume in the corpora cavernosa chambers are an increased duration of erection and more semen production. This is why this penis enlargement technique can help men who wonder how to cum more.

How to Get a Bigger Dick by Jelqing for Girth

Jelqs involve stretching and squeezing of the manhood. It is recommended that you do a little warm up before going full-steam into the penis enlargement routine.


Because a warm penis responds better to the squeezes and stretches of this exercise. A good way to warm up your penis is to take a hot shower, or gently wrap a wet and warm towel around your dick. This will relax the tissues, muscles and veins in the shaft. Moreover, the warming-up opens the blood vessels of the penis.

Begin the jelq with a gentle grip, and move the hands with less intensity. Remember that you must never attempt a full-throttle jelq with a full erection, as the routine involves fairly strong squeezes. Also, the glans (tip of the penis) and testicles are excluded from this exercise.

Finally, you can do a dry jelq. But for best jelq results apply a lubricant such as Vaseline or water-based personal lubricants for men. Avoid oil-based lubricants that are hard to wash off and clog the pores of the penis skin.

Stop wondering how to get a bigger dick and try jelqing for girth and length. You can jelq past six inches with this natural penis enlargement technique. Some men claim jelqing to 8 inches of dick!

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