Do Men with Big Testicles Produce More Sperm?

Does having bigger balls mean more sperm? Yes and No. Men with big testicles may produce more sperm if other factors such as health, good diet, regular exercises are held constant. Bigger balls can also mean more testosterone.

The link between big testicles and more sperm used to be a myth, but not anymore. Testicles are involved in semen production and sperm creation. Men who increase their semen volume have more enjoyable orgasms. More sperm and bigger semen volume lead to more powerful ejaculations.

Benefits of Having Big Testicles and More Sperm

Big testicles and more sperm increase male fertility. This is because having big balls boosts sperm count. Normally, few sperms reach the egg, and not all of the sperms that reach it fertilize the egg.

There are a few abnormal sperms in most men’s seminal fluid. Abnormal sperms are more in smokers and heavy drinkers.

Producing more sperm increases the chances of normal sperm reaching and fertilizing the egg. This is why men who have big testis and more sperm tend to have healthier babies.

Big testicles produce more sperm

Bigger balls, more babies?

The more testosterone produced by men with bigger balls leads to better erection. A firmer, bigger and longer dick is better during intimacy.

Learn how to jelq to make your penis bigger naturally. Big balls and dick also help men cum a lot and shoot loads of cum further.

Sperm Competition Theory

Having sex first with a promiscuous woman does not guarantee that you will father her child. Sperms from two or more men compete to fertilize eggs. It is called sperm competition. Sperm competition theory is proof why every man needs big testicles and more sperm. In a nutshell, the theory focuses on the risk of one man’s sperm competing with sperm from other men.

According to the sperm competition theory, men who produce more semen and have higher sperm count have the better chance of fathering the child. With today’s women being sexually liberal than in ages past, men definitely do need big balls and higher sperm count. We can’t go around ejaculating the whole day; and even if we could, the penis gets sore after a few ejaculations. It is a living muscle anyway.

Sperm competition theory finds that fertilization favors men with more sperm count and who economize on the sperm count per every ejaculation. Such men are able to have sex multiple times, or with multiple partners unlike those who shoot a cup-full at once.

Less Masturbation for More Sperm

Big Testicles More Sperm

Masturbation that leads to ejaculation boosts blood flow throughout the body. It stimulates the brain to release endorphins, the feel-good factors.

Regular masturbation is a healthy form of exercise for the brain, hands, penis and the whole body.

It helps men burn excess calories and have a fertile imagination. Masturbation helps men who are looking for ways to produce more ejaculate.

Sperm competition theory also deals with masturbation, in addition to big testicles and more sperm. Researchers have found that masturbation increases the fitness of sperms without necessarily increases the number of sperms introduced into a woman’s reproductive system.

The theory was developed when cases of human “double mating” increased. Women are having sex with another man while the first man’s sperm are still in their reproductive system. There are recent reports of women giving birth to twins who are of different fathers, a process scientifically referred to as superfecundation.

Big Testicles More Sperm

Getting back to the issue of testes size and corresponding sperm count, let me tell you another fact: for those who don’t have big natural testicles, there are ways to increase the size of our testicles.

What modern science does to help men get big testicles and more sperm is to increase sperm and semen production capacity. As the male fertility doctor, Professor Allan Pacey, states: “My job is to try to get you to stop doing all those things that make it worse, so that your testicles are working at maximum capacity for their size,”.

Infertility in men is rising due to unhealthy lifestyle, and bad diet. More men are drinking alcohol and are not having adequate physical exercises. Obesity and being overweight are also bad for male fertility.

When your health suffers, your dick, semen volume and sperm count goes down too.

With women having more sexual partners, it is crucial for men to have big balls, more cum and a higher sperm count. If you don’t have big testicles and more sperm, you can easily increase your ejaculate volume naturally with semen volume enhancers such as Volume Pills.

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