Big Natural Testicles: Men with Bigger Testicles Produce More Sperm

Like most things male, big natural testicles do not come naturally. Some are born lucky, with balls the size of oranges. Most men are average in the testicular department. But men with bigger testicles have more sperm and produce bigger loads of cum. Get big natural testicles to increase ejaculatory volume naturally.

Why do big natural testicles produce more sperm and more ejaculate volume? Because sperms are manufactured in the testicles. To transport sperms and create a survivable environment for the microscopic swimmers, the prostate gland produces prostate fluid. This fluid is the main component of seminal fluid, commonly called semen.

Why have Big Testicles?

A combination of big natural testicles and bigger ejaculate volume will increase a man’s fertility and pleasure during intimacy. It is also a source of pride and confidence, and you will shoot your cum further.

Women always take note of your package. She will most likely NOT tell you, but might comment to her friends about her guy’s size down there. Make sure you have the winning combination of big testicles and a huge load of cum.

Big Natural Testicles – Bigger Testicles More Sperm

The male hormone, testosterone, mostly determines your testicular size. Age, state of your health and genetics also determine how well hung a man is. The difference between the smallest and largest testicular size is surprisingly huge – between a tablespoon to a quarter cup. Most men fall somewhere around the middle, by the way.

Big Natural TesticlesMost men are not concerned about the size of their testicles. We would rather think about the size of the main gun: It’s length and girth. Which is why jelqing for girth is one of the most popular penis enlargement techniques for men who desire to make their penis bigger.

But having big natural testicles has its advantages for men who are looking for how to cum more: You produce more sperm, your fertility rate is higher and both partners get more pleasure when you increase your ejaculate volume.

The scrotum is the chief temperature manager for testicles. If it gets cold, it shrivels to pull the balls closer to the body. It becomes floppy when it is hot, allowing the balls to release heat.

Testosterone is mainly produced by the testicles, and is necessary to grow big natural testicles. You can increase the heating of your bedroom to temporarily increase testicle size: Testicles become larger when your temperature goes high. But isn’t this an extreme measure when volume pills have all the testosterone you need to have big natural testicles? Always remember: bigger testicles ensure more sperm. And more pleasure.

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