Yellow Semen Color and Normal Semen Color: What is Healthy Semen Color?

The normal color of semen is whitish-gray, sometimes a light yellow. Healthy semen color should be between white and light gray. Light yellow semen color is also common and healthy.

Dark yellow semen color is a cause of concern. Green semen is also bad news. What causes yellow color in semen? What is the normal semen color? Why is your jizz yellow and what is the healthy color?

Thick semen is very OK. Semen tends to liquefy after a few minutes. It’s also normal to have yellow tinted semen. Old age, STD’s, infections, diet, lack of frequent ejaculation through sex or masturbation are some of the causes of yellow semen color.

Yellow Semen Color: What is Healthy Semen Color?

Dark yellow semen or greenish is unhealthy. This is because dark yellow semen color or green looking semen may be a sign of an infection. You need to see a doctor urgently if you notice dark color in your semen, or if it has a bad odor (smell).

Yellow semen color

Yellow Semen and Semen Color: What is Healthy Semen Color?

Dark yellow urine may be caused by dehydration or drugs. It is common to find dark yellow urine on the toilet seat in the morning.

This is because of the various pigments in urine that solidify when the water in urine dries out. But semen should not be dark yellow in color.

Red ejaculate, dark brown semen and pinkish semen are signs of bleeding in your prostate. Like all body fluids, normal and healthy semen has its unique scent (odor) that can vary depending on the food you ate recently.

Fruits such as pineapples, pumpkins can change your normal semen taste and odor. Alcohol and drugs also affect taste and odor of semen.

Causes of Dark Yellow Semen Color

Dark yellow semen color is mostly caused by sexually transmitted infections (STI). Gonorrhea and chlamydia are leading causes of yellow sperm color.

It is important to note that many STDs may not have the common symptoms such as open sores in the genitals and pain when urinating. This is why you need to see your doctor if you notice dark yellow semen color or green semen.

Men who produce more ejaculate may notice a good change in color of semen. This is because the more you ejaculate, the more whitish and less thick the semen becomes. If your semen is a light yellow in color, just shoot a few loads. Either masturbate and jerk off or have frequent sex if you have a partner. This is because frequent ejaculation is the best way to prevent and clear mild prostate infections.

It is recommended that you increase semen volume to clean the pipes every time you orgasm. In addition, more semen volume also translates to greater pleasure during male orgasm. Prevent yellow semen color and low semen volume by eating foods that increase ejaculate volume, reduce alcohol intake, reduce smoking and generally get healthy. Use these herbal supplements for quick results.

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