Why you Should Stop Smoking to Increase Semen Volume

Men who want to increase semen volume and produce healthier sperm should stop smoking. Smoking causes infertility in men, decreased sperm concentration and less sperm motility.

For men who love oral sex, smoking affects the smell and taste of semen. Your woman will most likely not like swallowing your load if you smoke.

Smoking lowers your sperm quality, reducing sperm concentration by 13%, lowering sperm motility by 10% and makes you produce abnormal sperm at a rate of 3%.

Smoking Reduces Sperm Volume

By lowering your overall health, smoking makes men produce less semen volume. If you are a smoker who has noticed that you dribble instead of shooting cum, stop smoking to increase ejaculatory volume.

This smoking study, “Cigarette smoking is related to a decrease in semen volume in a population of fertile men, evaluated 889 fertile men who presented themselves in a hospital for sterilization through a vasectomy.

Of the 889 men, 522 were NON-smokers, 143 were mild smokers who smoked less than 10 cigarettes per day, 154 were moderate smokers who smoked 11 to 20 cigarettes per day, and 70 men were the kings of smoking who smoked more than 20 cigarettes in a day. The researchers looked at sperm quality – concentration, motility and hormone changes in all the men.

Stop Smoking to Increase Semen Volume

Stop Smoking to Increase Semen Volume

While some studies have found that smoking reduces sperm quality, this study found that smoking did not affect testosterone, sperm concentration, morphology and motility…

…”Semen volume was the only semen variable that correlated with the number of cigarettes smoked, declining from a mean (sd) of 2.8 (1.4) mL in non-smokers to 2.4 (1.4) mL in mild smokers, 2.3 (1.2) mL in moderate smokers, and 2.1 (0.8) mL in heavy smokers”. So there you have it men: stop smoking to increase semen volume.

Semen Volume, Fertility and Quality

Quality and quantity determine the level of fertility in men. Men who produce more semen are more likely to have more sperm, thereby become more fertile. Fertility of men goes beyond the number of sperms. They need to be healthy and normal to have a higher chance of surviving through a woman’s reproductive tract.

We sometimes experience periods of low ejaculate volumes due to age, stress, diet or high frequency of ejaculation. Increase semen volume to feel more sexier, more confident and keep your woman happy. Most women love huge cum shots. They associate shooting huge loads with stamina and dominance. Besides, increasing semen volume will automatically increase the quality and quantity of orgasms for the man.

Volume Enhancers to Increase Ejaculatory Volume

Semenax pills combine minerals, herbs and amino acids to increase your sex drive, increase semen volume and enhance arousal. The pills have 100% natural ingredients including zinc, pumpkin seed, L-arginine and Horny goat weed. These herbs and minerals boost your overall health, give you firmer erections that are fuller, harder and bigger, and increase semen volume.

Volume Pills increase semen volume and give you a bigger sized penis, greater ejaculating frequency and boost your erections, orgasms while enhancing the quality of your seminal fluid. Like Semenax, they are 100% natural. Natural ingredients are readily absorbed into your body and produce no side effects. If you smoke, reduce the smoking frequency/ quantity and get these pills that increase semen volume.

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