How to Cum Faster: 10 Easy ways for Men to Achieve Orgasm Quickly

Many men achieve orgasm and ejaculation during sex within 5 to 10 minutes. In addition, the average time to reach ejaculation during sexual intercourse (and after penetration begins) is 5 and a half minutes. But sometimes men desire to cum faster.

This may be when they are enjoying solo sex and when pressed for time – like during those steamy quickies.

Luckily, there are several natural ways for a man to orgasm quickly. They include increasing the speed of thrusting and masturbation, using a lubricant to make sex more pleasurable and changing sex positions.

How to Cum Faster: 10 Easy ways for Men to Achieve Orgasm Quickly

Some Points to Remember:

  • Male orgasm lasts about 10 seconds. But women enjoy theirs for much longer — about 20 seconds.
  • Faster ejaculation causes production of lower amount of seminal fluid. This is because the sexual organs keep releasing the components in cum slowly during sex. This is why some men desire to learn how to not cum too fast.
  • Men who cum too fast may leave their partners unsatisfied during sex.
  • Women need more time than men to achieve full arousal and to reach climax. But men who cum too fast can use toys, increase foreplay and increase the duration of oral sex to help bridge the gap.
  • Men who cum before starting intercourse and those who don’t last more than a minute after beginning sex suffer from premature ejaculation (P.E.)

The following are 10 easy ways for men who desire to learn how to cum faster and achieve orgasms quickly.

1. Sex Positions that make Men Orgasm Faster

Some sex positions are not suitable for men who desire to finish faster. The Face Off sex position, for example, is a woman on top position that ensures total eye contact and both partners are in control.

Sex positions that make men cum faster

Some sex positions like the Face Off put the woman in control and are great for marathon sex

But this position gives the woman more control and is therefore great for lengthy, hot marathon sex.

Other positions, however, give the man total control and ability to thrust deeper and faster – and a quicker orgasm for the man.

Here are three sex positions that usually make men cum faster.

1.1 Doggy Style

Our best friend, the dog, is a very lucky animal when it comes to sex. The male has his dick locked in the bitch’s vagina during and after ejaculation. Sex in dogs lasts a further 5 to 20 minutes after orgasm, which allows the bulbus glandis to unswell and release the locked penis.

It is no wonder, therefore, that human beings had to adopt the versatile doggy style. In this style, the receiving partner goes on their hands and knees. The other partner then enters from the rear while either standing or kneeling and holding onto the receiver’s hips. The giver can pound harder and deeper, both of which usually lead to a quicker ejaculation.

This popular doggy style has many variations, including the lazy dog, standing doggy and low doggy sex positions.

1.2 Elephant position

This is just like the elephants do. One person lies down on their tummy. The other person lies on their back and penetrates them from behind. It leads to deep intercourse, more flexibility for the man on top and a tighter feeling. The man can thrust harder and faster in this position, thereby enabling him to cum faster.

It is very easy to stimulate the G-spot in the elephant sex position – even for men who lack a big penis.

1.3. Sex on a Desk

There’s so many dirty things two willing people can do on a desk. The best thing about having sex on a desk is that the giver is free to move as they wish. The receiver will usually be lying on their back, or inclining backwards. The giver can the hold their partners legs or grab the edges of the desk to generate enough smashing power and speed.

As a result, the giver is able to climax faster. Moreover, sex on a desk is usually done when time is of the essence, thereby making it the perfect sex position when both partners desire to finish quickly.

2. Take Bigger Loads Supplements

The three top ejaculate volume enhancement supplements are Semenax, Volume Pills and UltraLoad. In addition to shooting bigger loads, men who regularly take these semen pills experience bigger, stronger, harder and longer erections.

Moreover, they are more likely to have better orgasm control.

Men can take supplements to ejaculate faster

Men can take supplements such as Semenax that increase ejaculate volume and boost testosterone levels to achieve maximum arousal quickly, enjoy bigger and harder erections and finish faster

The ingredients in bigger loads supplements stimulate the male reproductive system to produce more ejaculate. They also cause more testosterone to be produced, which leads to increased sexual stamina and better erection quality. All these benefits mean that a man will be ready for sex 24/7, and can therefore reach climax quickly if so desired.

It is also recommended that men try these cum holy grail ingredients that increase the production of seminal fluid, increase testosterone levels and boost whole body health.

3. Reduce Foreplay

Foreplay makes sex steamier. It prepares both the body and mind for a thrilling sexual encounter. In addition, foreplay can easily be the main event.

However, most women need a good amount of foreplay to later-on experience an orgasm during intercourse.

But men who wish to cum faster should consider reducing the amount of foreplay – at the risk of leaving their partner unsatisfied.

4. Milk the Prostate

The prostate gland is a major component of the male reproductive system. This small, walnut-sized gland that grows bigger as men age produces fluid that nourishes and carries sperm during ejaculation.

Our prostate gland is conveniently located below the bladder and surrounds a part of the urethra. Moreover, it is easily accessible via the anus: It can be felt with a finger that has been inserted 2-3 inches inside the rectum.

Massaging this gland is also known as milking the prostate. This process involves the gentle insertion of a gloved and lubed finger into the rectum and then massaging and pressing the gland with a “come here” motion.

Milking the prostate is usually done for sexual pleasure. It leads to a man experiencing pleasurable sensations as the prostate ducts release their contents – milky ejaculate fluid.

Other benefits of prostate milking include reducing the risk of prostate cancer and preventing bladder infections.

5. Reduce Frequency of Sex and Masturbation

Simply reducing the frequency of sex and ejaculation leads to a buildup of testosterone and sexual tension. A man will therefore be easily aroused and will experience a harder and stronger erection.

And since men easily reach orgasm when in this highly-aroused state, simply abstaining from sex for a few days is a great way for guys to cum faster.

In addition, avoid masturbating before sex if you desire to cum faster. This is because most men experience good ejaculatory control when they masturbate 1-2 hours before sex.

6. How to Cum Faster with Sex Toys

Sex toys are mostly associated with women. But there are many sex toys for men as well, and according to this study, over 44% of American men will happily add a vibrator into their sexual routines during their lifetime.

Men can use a sex toy to ejaculate faster

The lovely banana: Women can eat it and play with it. Men have the fleshlight and cock ring to spice things up

The best sex toys for men include the popular fleshlight, cock rings, prostate stimulators, vibrating masturbators and masturbation sleeves. Most of these male sex toys are designed to wrap around the erect dick in order to provide maximum stimulation.

In addition, there are remote controlled prostate massagers that one can, in operation, vary the strength and speed of vibrations. Consequently, a man can cum faster by simply increasing the speed of vibration.

And then there are anal beads that intensify sensations as they are slowly pulled out of the butt.

Moreover, using sex toys makes sex more fun, improves the health of the prostate and makes sexual and physical health better.

7. Be More Aroused to Cum Faster

Many men ejaculate faster after experiencing intense and prolonged arousal. This is why visual erotic stimulation is routinely provided to patients and donors whenever doctors and researchers need to collect semen samples.

A man can quickly achieve visual erotic stimulation and ejaculate much faster by:

  • Going through some dirty magazines (non-moving visual stimuli)
  • Watching porn and erotic films
  • Thinking about his sexual fantasies (and “seeing” the acts in his mind)

Other ways for men to intensify sexual arousal include reducing stress, having enough sleep, avoiding performance anxiety and taking libido and erection supplements such as VigRX Plus and Semenax.

8. Use More Lube to Orgasm Quickly

By increasing wetness, sexual lubricants increase the pleasurable sensations during intercourse and masturbation. Lubes that create a warming sensation are the best for guys who desire to reach orgasm faster.

Moreover, women who regularly use lubricants report experiencing more arousal and sexual pleasure.

They are more likely to moan more.

And here comes the surprising part: About 66% of women moan during sex in order to make their partner reach orgasm faster. An even bigger number, about 87%, make sexual noises just to boost their partner’s self-esteem!

You should definitely get your partner some silicone-based lubricants and enjoy her moaning – and ejaculate faster whenever you need to.

9. Ditch the Condom to Ejaculate Quickly

It is always best to have safe sex. But men who desire to ejaculate faster and are with a trusted partner should consider ditching the condom or wear an extra thin one.

This is in order to increase the sensations on the penis during penetration, and reach orgasm faster.

10. Increase the Speed and Squeeze a Little Harder

Slowing down during intercourse and solo-sex is one of the great ways for men to last longer. But increasing the speed and adding some more grip on the shaft of the penis heightens sensations and causes men to ejaculate faster.

These are the best ways for men who desire to learn how to cum faster. But men also need to eat a healthy diet, exercise, drink enough water and have enough sleep in order to produce more sperm and enjoy great whole-body health.

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