Jelq Tips: How to do Jelqing Exercises and get Best Jelqing Results

What is jelqing? A jelq refers to exercises and techniques that are performed during jelqing to stretch tissues in the penis. Jelqing results can be seen within three months. The penis enlargement exercises result in a fitter penis and more length and girth.

A man can get a bigger dick and increase the size of his penis by up to two inches with the jelqing for girth and length technique. The jelqing routine is safe when it is done properly. But like any other exercise, this penis enlargement exercise is sometimes done incorrectly.

How to Jelq: How to do Jelqing Exercises and get Best Jelqing Results

Learn how to jelq and get a bigger dick by following these tips.

  1. Always warm up your penis before you begin jelqing. A good way to get your penis ready for the jelqing routine is to wrap your dick with a wet warm towel for about a minute. Alternatively, have a hot shower immediately BEFORE you begin jelqing. The jelqing exercises stretch the tissues within the penis. Sufficient warm up will prevent pain after jelqing. It will also ensure better jelqing results.
  2. Use a lubricant – Vaseline is available throughout the world, just get it at your nearest supermarket. A well lubricated penis will not get chaffed by the jelqing exercises. You will also get better jelqing results when everything is smooth.
  3. Use the correct grip – a hard grip causes pain after the jelqs.
    Jelqing Exercises and Jelqing Results Use the OK grip that is achieved by making an OK with the thumb and index finger (also called forefinger, pointer finger, trigger finger). Start at the base of your penis. As you move towards the end, restart with the other hand and keep repeating for about 150 jelqs per each jelqing session in the first month. Use light pressure and don’t jelq the head of your penis. Jelqing is for the shaft only.
  4. Don’t jelq with a full erection because that would be giving yourself a handjob for pleasure purposes. Jelqing for girth and length is done with a semi-erection. For best jelqing results, do the jelqs when your penis is between 50% and 70% hard. The best jelqing results are achieved when the dick is neither too hard nor too soft.
  5. Do not jelq every day to give the penis time to rest. The arteries, nerves, tissues and muscle fibers in the penis need time to recover.

Penis Fitness Program

Check for jelqing videos on YouTube. Jelqing for girth is a good way to add inches to your dick naturally. It helps men perform better in bed. This is because regular jelqing results in a firmer, harder and longer erection.

The jelq techniques are good for penis health and erection fitness. Follow these jelqing exercises tips to improve your jelqing results and add more inches to your length and girth.

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