How to Cum More – How to Produce more Cum and Ejaculate Harder

Men should learn how to cum harder. A man who knows how to cum more and produce more sperm is able to improve his sexual skills and be good in bed. He gets bigger orgasms and can shoot huge loads of semen farther.

In addition, men who learn how to cum have bigger and harder erection. They last longer during intimacy and finish with a huge cumshot. Male enhancement products such as Volume Pills aim to help a man produce more cum, and have a stronger, longer and thicker erection.

This helps a man have greater control of his sexual functioning during intimacy. For men, adopting a healthy lifestyle (which includes reducing stress and eating healthy food) is the foundation of a great sex life.

How to Cum Harder and Farther (Shoot more Cum) – With Pictures

How to cum a lot

Penis Size: Is a Bigger Dick Better?

Many men who wonder how to produce a lot of cum are simply feeling the effects of aging, poor diet and bad lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Stress is another leading cause of erection problems in men and a lack of a huge cumshot. A man’s desire for more sexual confidence, control and power creates a need for a natural volume enhancer.

Volume Pills increase desire and blood flow to the penis. This results in a harder erection that makes the erect dick bigger. This helps a lot since men gain sexual confidence by having a bigger dick and a huge cumshot.

Forget the overrated saying that it’s not the size of the penis that matters but what you do with it. Seriously, have you ever heard or read of a woman who prefers a small dick?

100% Natural ways of How to Cum Harder!

Volume Pills are proven to enable men who are looking for how to cum harder shoot a huge load of cum. They are doctor-approved and heavily discounted.

Moreover, the pills come with lots of free extras when you order a bigger package. This includes lubricants for your dick that you can use during sex, jerking off, handjobs, jelqing and edging.

To get more benefits, combine the pills with a healthy diet. To cum a lot, eat healthy food that includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

Maintain good mental health to avoid anxiety. Excessive alcohol intake, smoking and lack of enough exercises can not only reduce sexual stamina but also lower a man’s sexual performance.

Drink more water to increase semen volume. Furthermore, do regular exercises that help to improve blood circulation and reduce stress. Maintaining a physically-active lifestyle will not only benefit your cardiovascular health but also your overall health.

Why not Use Viagra for Huge Cumshot?

Viagra is a prescription drug. It is a powerful drug that should only be obtained through a doctor. If you are looking for how to cum more, please don’t mess around with Viagra. If you can get it up, you don’t need Viagra. You need to learn how to cum more.

Viagra abuseSecondly Viagra is not good for men who are looking for how to cum harder since it does not increase sexual desire. It does not help men who are looking for ways of how to produce more sperm. More arousal helps to increase seminal fluid.

Third, you may be too young to start using Viagra. Furthermore, it has a slight addiction risk. Many young men who shouldn’t be using the blue pill are becoming psychologically dependent on, and abusing Viagra.

Fourth, Viagra has a lengthy waiting period before its effects kick in. Most men do not want to wait for hours. You will always be ready to thrill with Volume Pills!

Lastly, sildenafil citrate is damn expensive. The original blue pill costs about twenty bucks each, and that is in addition to the doctor consultation fees. To make matters even worse, there are many Viagra counterfeits and a host of nasty side effects.

Why Get a Bigger Dick?

Most men appreciate women who have bigger boobs. Similarly, most women desire men who not only have a bigger penis but who also know how to cum harder.

How to cum harder
shoot big loads for more confidence

But why do most women love a bigger dick and a huge cumshot?

Because the vagina has sensitive tissues. They are sensitive to touch, pressure and warmth.

Friction between the man’s penis and the vaginal walls account for a big percentage of the pleasurable sensations women feel during sex.

This is why for most men natural penis enlargement is vital to regaining their self-esteem.

Men not only need to learn how to cum harder but also how to get a bigger dick. This is because a bigger dick, big testicles that produce more sperm, more control (to prevent premature ejaculation and finally shoot huge cumshot) and the ability to last longer in bed are necessary bedroom skills.

The size of the dick matters as much as what you do with it…so learn how to cum more!

What About Penis Surgery?

Penis surgery is medically called phalloplasty. Just like a boob or nose job, this procedure is extremely risky, invasive and expensive. You will spend about five grand for the main penis surgery. Follow-up procedures will cost you another big figure.

The risk of never getting it up again is very high after surgery. This is because the ligaments and tissues in our dicks are extremely sensitive and can be easily damaged during surgery.

Permanent damage.

Plus while penis surgery is meant to increase the length and girth (diameter), it does not always guarantee results. Why go to all that trouble and pain only to gain just an inch? And what good is that extra inch if you have trouble getting your penis erect and sustaining an erection?

Learn How to Cum More to Experience More Satisfaction

When it comes to analyzing semen, semen color is the most obvious. Many men have a whitish ejaculate but yellow semen is also common. Here are the causes of yellow semen color.

Did you know that human semen contains ascorbic acid, chlorine, calcium, fructose, potassium and phosphorous? It also contains sodium, zinc, purine, vitamin B12, nitrogen, magnesium and lactic acid among other components. The amount of cum a man produces is dependent on his frequency of ejaculation and age. Producing a huge cumshot also depends on the ability of a man’s body to replenish the semen components quickly.

Why Learn How to Cum Harder and Farther?

There are many benefits of learning how to cum more and increasing semen production.

  • Last longer in bed and produce more sperm – men reach sexual climax much faster than women. It is recommended that a man be able to control his orgasm until his partner climaxes. Then you can shoot your huge load wherever and whenever you want!
  • Delay orgasm – when a man is able to delay his orgasm, he can watch his partner orgasm. He is able to extend his sexual pleasure and satisfy his partner with amazing sex every time.
  • Prolong sexual pleasure – by having more control and delaying his ejaculation.
  • Give multiple orgasms to women – while it is necessary for men to learn how to make a girl orgasm, lasting longer in bed and having a bigger dick helps in making women climax.
  • Make sex AMAZING – better sex is not good enough. Learn how to cum more to have amazing sex since the only thing that is better than sex is amazing sex.

Shoot Bigger Loads to have Bigger Orgasms!

The following are some other reasons why every man needs to know how to cum more. You shoot huge loads every time when you learn how to make more cum. This is why men experience stronger orgasms with the increased ability to produce more semen. Shooting huge cumshot also helps men who are looking for how to produce more sperm and increase chances of making babies.

Produce more sperm
More sperm, more babies

Why? Because semen contains millions of sperm. Every load of cum a man shoots will normally have 200-300 million sperm.

Yet it takes just one sperm to make a baby. This is because millions of sperm never make it from the vagina to the fallopian tubes where fertilization mostly occurs.

Learn how to cum more because more semen ensures more sperms are deposited in a woman’s reproductive system during intimacy. This increases odds of her getting pregnant.

Shooting a huge cumshot requires more power and strength. Producing huge loads of cum results in bigger sensations and more powerful orgasms. A shortage of the key semen ingredients such as zinc results in weak ejaculation and the production of less semen.

Taking a semen volume pill is the fastest and easiest way for a man to cum more. The pills are endorsed by doctors. They contain natural ingredients that are carefully combined to help a man replenish the semen factory quickly.

How to Cum More with Semen Volume Enhancers

Semen volume enhancers increase the quality of the male erection. This maximizes pleasure for BOTH partners. The supplements ensure greater and harder erections, more cum and longer lasting power in bed.

These volume supplements also help men with premature ejaculation to last longer in bed. They have testosterone which increases blood supply to the penis for bigger erections, more sensations and big loads of cum that shoot further.

Apart from supplements such as Volume Pills, there are other natural ways to increase ejaculate volume, produce more sperm and even improve the taste of semen.

To shoot huge load, eat healthier food, stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake and exercise more often.

More Natural ways of How to Cum Harder

Looking for how to cum more naturally? Drink more water! Water is necessary to produce a huge cumshot. In addition, do regular jelqing exercises and the edging technique. Jelqing, kegels and edging are penis exercises that also strengthen the pelvic muscles.

These penis enlargement techniques are recommended for men who are looking for ways of how to get a big dick. Jelqing results in stronger, harder and firmer erection.

Regular jelqs are not only good for men who wonder how to shoot cum but also for those guys looking for how to ejaculate further and get a big dick. This is because stronger muscles shoot cum further, and a firmer, harder and fuller dick is bigger in both length and girth.

How to Cum a lot and Produce more Sperm with Exercise

Exercise to cum more
A healthy man is a healthy lover

Staying healthy is a good way of how to increase semen volume and produce more sperm. If you are looking for a fun way of how to cum more, get your ass off that couch.

Exercise more to cum more. Ride a bike. Get yourself a ball to kick in the yard. Run every now and then to make a huge cumshot. Stay physically and mentally fit to produce more cum and more sperm.

The secret to good sex is in your mind since the brain is the biggest sex organ. Exercise does wonders to our thinking ability – and sexual ability since sexual desire happens in the brain.

A lack of sufficient arousal can also cause low semen volume. Frequent ejaculations through sex or masturbation also reduce the amount of subsequent ejaculates. Weak muscles that are involved in shooting cum are sometimes to blame for production of low seminal fluid volume. The jelqing and squeezing technique helps strengthen these muscles.

How to Shoot Huge Load with More Testosterone

Testosterone is for men who wonder how to cum harder, have more sexual stamina and get a thicker and firmer erection that lasts longer. While estrogen helps women develop bigger boobs, testosterone causes the development of male characteristics.

Testosterone causes the development of the male reproductive system and gives men extra body hair. It causes a deepening of voice, helps form and maintains muscles. But the production of this all-important male hormone gradually reduces with increasing age.

Frequent ejaculation also temporarily depletes the testosterone levels in your body. Reduced testosterone leads to a reduction in stamina and a failure to produce more cum.

Less testosterone will reduce your ability to produce more cum and more sperm. A man experiences less sexual desire and erection control. This can lead to premature ejaculation and impotency (ED).

How to Cum More by getting More Testosterone

The best way to maintain healthy testosterone levels is through diet, exercise (whole-body exercises as well as the jelq, edging and kegel exercises) and taking semen volume supplements such as Volume Pills and testosterone boosters such as TestRX. For more production of semen, eat these foods that increase semen volume.

How to cum more
What you eat affects your sexual performance

How to cum more and produce more sperm through diet? Eat foods such as eggs and macadamia nuts. Get more fresh green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli.

Lean meat is great for your sperm factory. Melons and pineapple make you taste better (Read: What does cum taste like). Eat more tomatoes, pineapples, pawpaws, watermelon and pumpkin seeds to produce more cum. They are rich sources of the minerals, antioxidants and amino acids required by our bodies.

Herbal supplements such as Volume Pills and Semenax contain a patented blend of natural herbal nutrients and natural ingredients such as L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Damiana and Zinc. Here is a list of Semenax ingredients that help men who are looking for how to cum more shoot a huge cumshot.

Natural Aphrodisiacs

These aphrodisiacs boost your sexual health. They are also beneficial to the entire body. The minerals and amino acids in these top male enhancement products are essential for healthy hair, eyes, joints and brain. They are essential during spermatogenesis, the process of sperm production.

Go for herbal ingredients if you are interested in how to cum harder, produce more sperm and build more muscle. This is to avoid nasty side effects and frequent trips to see a doctor.

How to Delay Orgasm to Cum A lot

One way of how to cum more is by delaying ejaculation to allow a build-up of semen. Use an erection delay spray, a desensitizer spray for men with premature ejaculation, to delay your orgasm and increase ejaculatory control.

Produce more ejaculate by eating healthier food and reducing masturbation. Any man who desires to learn how to cum harder should avoid having a sedentary lifestyle. Reduce your stress levels to shoot a huge cumshot. Furthermore, you will become a better lover since learning how to cum more increases mutual satisfaction during intimacy.