How to have Intense Sex – Ways to Rejuvenate your Sex Life

How to have intense sex is a million-dollar question for many people. Too many people are reporting a lack of satisfaction in their sex lives. Low sex drive can be caused by factors out of our control – such as medication, age and childbirth. However, most cases of lack of intense sex can be solved by making simple changes to your sex routine.

Sex can be boring without good creativity. This has led to many couples going for weeks (and even months!) without having sex. This is a guide on how to have intense sex every time that will leave your partner yearning for more.

How to have Intense Sex? Prepare for it

For hot intense sex, let your imagination run wild. Mental preparation for sex is harder for women, unlike men who are stimulated much quickly. Read romantic books and adopt relaxing techniques.

How To Have Intense Sex

It is hard to have a fertile sexual imagination when stressed out. Have plenty of sleep for your brain to release feel-good hormones.

Prepare physically for sex. Create an enabling and soothing environment free from distractions. And while preparing, make delicious and healthy food to provide enough energy for a hot intense sex session.

Slow down Intimacy to half the Speed

Slow sex is hot intense sex. Both couples should do everything at half the speed to create anticipation and intensify sexual pleasure. Men are mostly to blame for rushing to hit the jack pot.

Slowing down the speed of sex allows the couple to bond and connect emotionally. Creating sexual tension builds anticipation that will guarantee women the elusive multiple orgasms.

Intense sex Positions

Most women regard deep sex as most intense. Experiment with the various sex positions for intense sex. You will soon find yourselves sticking to just a few that work best for both partners.

Master intense sex positions through regular and vigorous practice.

In most sexual relationships, one partner will usually be dominant with the other taking the submissive role. The key to have hot intense sex is to find the right balance in intense sex positions for both of you.

Good foreplay for Hot Intense Sex

Good foreplay is never rushed. Each partner should maximize foreplay by touching the other from head to toe. Anyone who wants to learn how to cum should focus a little more on the erogenous zones – remember to use the tongue, mouth and fingers!

Remember to play with the thigh region and other pleasure points including the inside of her arms, the ears, neck and nipples. Good and unrestricted breathing is essential for good foreplay. This is why both of you need to be completely relaxed during foreplay. A lengthy foreplay will calm you down and set the perfect mood for penetrative sex.

Talk Dirty

A woman should talk dirty to her man to make intimacy more intense for her man. Most men love it when their woman dominates them. Take charge and keep the man aware of what he is doing right or wrong – verbally, through facial gestures or through intense moans.

Men are good at reading physical responses. To take him over the edge, add pleasurable voices and rocking gestures.

Read Intense Sex Stories

Read romantic novels for better sex

How to have intense sex? Read erotic sex stories. You can find good and free intense sex stories online.

The are many intense sex stories on YouTube. In addition, check Amazon Kindle for the latest intense sex stories.

Another excellent source of intense sex stories is romantic novels and films. Hollywood will never run out of good movies that have intense sex stories.

Reading romance books and watching erotic videos helps create anticipation, boost your imagination and teach you extra ways and methods to spice up your sex life. Romantic novels have for years been good guides on how to have intense sex.

Add a Pill

There are sex enhancement pills for both men and women. Female arousal pills are great for women who are wondering how to have intense sex. They come with added benefits, including a moisturizing effect to eliminate vaginal dryness and ensure smoother sex.

Volume Pills are highly recommended for men who are looking for ways to produce more sperm. They enable men experience more pleasure and multiple orgasms.

The libido supplements/ lubricants also relieve menopause symptoms such as mood swings and hot flushes. In addition, they enhance the body’s ability to produce its natural vaginal lubrication.

You will no longer wonder how to have intense sex when you practice these intimacy tips. Having hot intense sex regularly will rejuvenate and give you more energy. It is also good for your health. Just have a good night of sex and your problems are as good as gone.

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