Increase Seminal Fluid: How to Produce more Seminal Fluid by Eating Zinc Rich Foods

Wondering how to produce more seminal fluid through diet? Eat these zinc rich foods that are rich in zinc. The mineral has been proven to increase ejaculate volume with each orgasm.

Zinc will increase seminal fluid and give you a bigger, thicker, better and longer erection.

The mineral is present in healthy men’s semen and has been proven to help men shoot bigger loads. Zinc stabilizes sperm count in semen and is used in sperm creation in the testicles.

How to Cum Huge Loads with Zinc

The amount of semen a man ejaculates is a source of pride. No man will be happy to drizzle a few drops especially in the presence of a woman. Women love big cocks that cum hard, cum big and produce massive loads.

Increase seminal fluid

Men and women have for centuries associated the ability to achieve a hard erection, maintain it and produce more cum with increased fertility, strength and libido. Simply put, semen is the liquid of kings.

To increase seminal fluid, eat a diet rich in zinc. It will increase seminal fluid for greater muscular contractions and spasms during ejaculation. This is how men are increasing seminal fluid by up to 500%.

African men are known to eat nuts for better erections and more cum. Erectile dysfunction was a rare problem in the continent in ancient times due to the healthy combination of fat-free diet and exercises.

Eat Nuts for More Cum

Nuts for more cum

Macadamia nuts are a healthy source of zinc for more cum. They also give you iron, vitamin A, niacin, folate and thiamin. The nuts are rich in copper, calcium, potassium and carbohydrates.

They increase your health and enable men to increase their ejaculate volume. Other nuts you should eat for more cum are cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts and peanuts.

Green Vegetables Increase Seminal Fluid

Spinach and pumpkin are some of the most nutritious vegetables. They are also high in zinc. When consumed regularly, spinach, amaranth leaves and legumes such as beans and peas will help you cum faster and shoot huge loads of cum.

Eat Lean Meat to Increase Seminal Fluid and Cum Further

If you have ever wondered how to cum further, the answer lies in increasing seminal fluid while at the same time increasing arousal. Lean beef and lamb are excellent sources of zinc, a cum holy grail ingredient to assist you to cum farther. Add sea food, especially oysters and lobster to your daily diet to increase your ejaculate volume. Animal sources are better if you are deficient in zinc.

These natural sources of zinc are totally healthy: you will not overload on zinc from eating fruits, milk, vegetables or meat. You get a healthier body that will produce more cum and enable you to cum multiple times every day. Zinc is for every man who wants to increase his ejaculate and finish with a huge cumshot like a movie star.

Fresh Fruits for More Zinc and More Cum

More cum with fruits

Soybeans and green beans will work wonders in your sperm engine.

This is especially when taken in combination with fruits such as pomegranates and avocado.

Berries such as blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are a natural source of zinc for more cum.

Fresh fruits also make semen taste better.

Increase Seminal Fluid: How to Produce more Seminal Fluid by Drinking Milk

Still wondering how to increase your load? How about a glass of milk every day to increase seminal fluid? We tend to underestimate the nutritional value of milk. Milk is well balanced to provide all nutritional requirements for babies and young ones of animals that suckle their young.

How to increase seminal fluid with milk? – a glass of milk every day will give you lots of zinc and water, in addition to protein, fat, vitamins and other minerals. It is no wonder women love to milk cocks for huge loads of cum. Fresh semen looks more like milk (unless if you produce yellowish semen), and you and I know the pleasure a woman’s hand gives when she milks the shaft! Eat zinc-rich foods that increase volume of cum naturally.. .and use these tips to increase seminal fluid and bathe your woman in cum.

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