10 Ways of How to make Him cum Hard – Make a Guy cum Harder

Women should understand how to make a guy cum hard. This is because your guy will become sexually addicted to you and will not feel the need to stray. Your man will also reciprocate when you know how to make him cum hard. In addition, knowing that no other woman can give it to him that good will make you feel much better!

As a man, you should also know how to make yourself ejaculate harder. This is simply due to the fact that the ability to cum harder will result in a more intense orgasm. Men also love to shoot more cum at a distance – it’s a guy thing! The combination of the ability to produce more cum and then shoot it further leads to more stamina, confidence and self esteem.

Ways of How to make Him cum Hard – Make a Guy cum Harder

First, understand that two things make a guy shoot his cum harder. Him being more aroused and being able to produce more ejaculate. Consequently, your biggest goal as his partner is to make him aroused. Super aroused. Do this and you will be able to frequently make him cum hard – harder than any girl ever will.

Participate fully during Intimacy

How to make him cum hard - make a guy cum harder

There is no greater turn-off in the bedroom than a woman who just lies on her back and stares at the ceiling. Participate fully in sex if you desire to make him cum hard. Does it feel really good? Then arch your back. Curl your toes. Moan and scream. This will drive him crazy and make him produce a lot of cum!

Flirt with him to Make him Cum Hard

Flirting is only bad when it becomes cheating. It’s very OK to flirt with your man. Use the flirt to express desire and build sexual tension. If done right, flirting becomes a form of foreplay which is necessary to make a guy cum harder.

Make him Super Relaxed

Performance anxiety is one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction. This is why many men perform better in bed after taking a little alcohol. There are many ways for a woman to make her man very relaxed before and during intimacy. You can give him a foot rub or a massage.

Music is a good way to relax – so just play him his favorite music. Still wondering how to make him cum hard? How about you cook him his favorite food – and serve it with love!

Use facial gestures – before and during sex

How to cum harderA woman can use body language to show sexual interest in a man. She can use facial expressions too – before or during intimacy.

People use facial expressions as a form of feedback. You may have noticed your man constantly looking at your eyes and mouth to gauge his performance.

Just give him that attractive look that kills him every time! Or a hot smile. Remember that people tend to give more attention to the eyes than the mouth.

Facial gestures can be used as a form of seduction that stimulate sexual imagination. Remember they can be either subtle or obvious. You can

  • Pout a little
  • Twirl your hair
  • Widen your eyes
  • Raise your eyebrows

Use a nice Perfume

Men love natural scent, including a woman’s natural scent. But erotic scents are an easy way to drive your man crazy and make him cum hard. Perfumes enhance erotic experiences. Men tend to associate good smells with sex. Moreover, perfumes have been used for ages to seduce men, initiate arousal and increase sex appeal.

Women are also more likely to feel more sensual and attractive when they use a good perfume. And they don’t have to be expensive: smells from foods are reported to cause the greatest arousal in men!

Odors such as black licorice, vanilla, lavender, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, cola, citrus, Jasmine, Rose and oriental spice have been proven to increase flow of blood into the dick, thereby improving the quality of the male erection.

Speak Dirty during Intimacy

Talk dirty during sexMany men desire their women to be their whore in the bedroom. They want a woman who overcomes all boundaries during sex.

Dirty talk is a form of sex play tat involves use of sensual words with the sole intent of driving your partner wild.

The words intensify imagination, arousal and pleasure. Therefore, use dirty talk to stimulate your man and express your sexual needs.

You want some examples of dirty talk that will make him cum hard?

  • Tell him you want him so bad
  • Remind him that he is the most attractive guy you’ve ever seen (or been with)
  • Tell him how badly you want to feel him inside

He will be so aroused that he will produce more ejaculate and shoot his load of cum harder.

Be super Aroused – Desire Him!

A man needs to feel attractive too. A guy will achieve a faster and fuller erection when he feels desired. This is the technique employed for maximum effect by hookers – they pretend to feel attracted to they clients! A woman who finds her man attractive will most likely be more aroused.

This also feeds his huge ego – a man wants to make love to a woman who feels turned on by him. Your man will cum harder when he notices you being more aroused and very enthusiastic during intimacy.

Initiate Sex Frequently to Make him Cum Hard

Men are the ones who frequently initiate sex in most relationships. This is because men tend to have a greater need for sex while women desire more emotional intimacy.

A woman who initiates sex regularly is more likely to find her man attractive. The guy will get stronger erection and shoot his load of cum harder.

Practice More Foreplay

It seems that every sex coach wants men to practice more foreplay on their partners. This is because most women can’t climax through penetrative sex alone. Men love a quickie every now and then. But they also need a lot of foreplay – the kind than doesn’t always begin in the bedroom.

Start signaling your desire for him several hours (or days) before the act. This can be as simple as texting him how much you miss his touch, his kiss…how much you want to ride him. This will build sexual tension. Eventually, you will make him cum hard after showing him how much you love and want him.

Keep an Open Mind and Fulfill his Fantasy

Men are visual. What we see can easily imply intent to get intimate, thereby provoking strong arousal. Hey ladies, dressing suggestively and wearing makeup for your man doesn’t make you a slut.

Every man has some sexual fantasies. Discover his fantasies if you want to know how to make him cum hard. You will be his goddess if you can fulfill them. These can be a particular sex position that he has always wanted to experiment with, some kind of dressing or even role playing.

These are all simple but effective ways of how to make him cum hard – and shoot his load farther. Always remember that a guy will always cum harder whenever he is very aroused and feeling comfortable.

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