Semenax Ingredients that Increase Seminal Fluid Naturally

Semenax pills and Volume Pills are the best semen volume enhancers. These semen enhancers have a special and balanced formulation. The natural male enhancement pills are the product of long research and well tested dosing. This is what has turned these Semenax ingredients into the best cum pills that increase seminal fluid naturally.

Doctors rely on continuing top-notch scientific research to formulate Semenax pills. The Semenax ingredients below have been studied and subjected to multiple tests. This is to ensure that the final pill is a semen supplement that provides multiple benefits.

Natural Semenax Ingredients that Increase Semen Volume

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Shoot Huge Loads of Cum

The benefits of Semenax and positive side effects include better blood circulation and more seminal fluid. Moreover, men who take Semenax have harder and bigger erections. They last longer in bed. In addition, they have a big dick for stronger vaginal thrusts that all women crave.

Pumpkin Seed – Pumpkin seeds are among the top Semenax ingredients. They are rich sources of zinc. Zinc is necessary in the body to increase production of jizz.

Semenax Ingredients Increase Seminal Fluid
Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are low in sulfur and will not cause yellowish sperm. They are also rich in iron.

Other minerals found in this component of the Semenax ingredients include phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium.

To get the most zinc from pumpkin seeds, either swallow them whole or roast them. The seeds also have little quantities of vitamin E in the form of tocopherols. Tocopherols are anti-oxidant compounds found in nature and which exhibit properties of vitamin E.

Semenax Ingredients: Swedish Flower/ Rose Pollen

Swedish Flower/ Rose Pollen (Swedish Rose)The Swedish Flower is also called Rose Pollen or Swedish Rose. It boosts male stamina and virility. The Semenax ingredients from this herb are used to heal enlarged prostate glands extensively in Europe and Asia. Men use the Swedish flower to balance prostate function for better semen production.

It protects the liver and lowers cholesterol level. It regulates flow of urine and increases seminal fluid. This makes the Swedish Flower a potent herb that increases ejaculatory volume and orgasms.

Researchers create Swedish Flower pollen by gathering seed husks of many plants, age them in a process that removes any harmful mold and toxins. The Semenax ingredients are then extracted. They include minerals, enzymes and proteins.


L-arginineL-arginine is one of the key Semenax ingredients. Many clinical researches on L-arginine sexual stimulant show that L-arginine effectively increases seminal fluid. Remember that L-arginine is a key ingredient in female sex pills as well.

L-arginine is an essential amino acid. It boosts male stamina and is used to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is good for blood circulation. More blood flow to the penis makes you get harder, firmer, bigger and stronger erection that will produce more cum.

Moreover, L-arginine increases the levels of HGH – Human Growth Hormone, that is a key component in joint health supplements for both men and women. HGH builds muscle. It increases the speed and intensity of your thrusting. Consequently, HGH helps you build more muscle and burn fat. Human Growth Hormone promotes youthfulness and boosts your immune system. It also ensures speedy healing of wounds.

Semenax Ingredients: L-lysine

L-lysineL-lysine is another essential amino acid that is necessary for good health. Testosterone is the primary male hormone that gives men stamina. L-lysine increases your body’s levels of testosterone.

This hormone, in addition to increasing seminal fluid, increases your sperm production, male stamina and virility.

It works best when combined with zinc. L-lysine is 10 times more effective when taken together with L-arginine to enhance the production of male ejaculate.

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium Sagittatum (horny goat weed)Epimedium Sagittatum (horny goat weed) is an ancient and very potent aphrodisiac. It works by increasing blood flow and levels of nitric oxide in the penis. This is one of the top Semenax ingredients.

The horny goat weed boosts sexual desire and increases testosterone levels. In addition, it has been used for ages in Asia to boost libido and to improve fertility. More sexual desire enables men and women achieve more orgasm and have a stronger erection.

Semenax Ingredients: Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide and Zinc AspartateThis list of Semenax ingredients wouldn’t be complete without Zinc Oxide and Zinc Aspartate. Zinc is for men who wish to perform better during intimacy.

A 2003 study showed that L-carnitine therapy improves male semen quality and increases sperm concentration. It also boosts sperm quantity and mobility for greater fertility.

In addition, Zinc oxide heals varicocele which is the main cause of infertility in men. Zinc oxide is also one of the Volume Pills ingredients.

Catuaba Bark – Increase seminal fluid with the Brazilian aphrodisiac, Catuaba Bark. This herb also increases sperm concentration and boosts male fertility.

MacaMaca – Semenax ingredients include Maca, a herb that originated in the Andes Mountains. Maca was used even by the Inca for sexual energy, stamina, desire and to cure infertility in both men and women.

This semenax ingredient doubled semen fluid in two men who were given it for three weeks. Use Maca to increase sexual desire and support frequent masturbation. It also increase male fertility.

Vitamin E – acts as an antioxidant and a mild blood thinner for good blood circulation to the penis. Consequently, Vitamin E helps men achieve a stronger erection. It also treats penis curvature.

Semenax Ingredients: Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract improves male sexual function and has been in use for years in France. It contains anti-oxidants and gets you rock-hard erections for a night of extreme thrusting. These Semenax ingredients will have your woman panting and moaning all night.

Muira PuamaMuira Puama is the legendary Potency Wood for a strong bigger shaft. The flowering shrub comes from the Amazon rainforest.

It gained recognition in 1990 after the research of Dr. Jacques Waynsberg that showed that an amazing 63% of men who took Muira Puama extract got a big libido boost and 51% got better erections and showed better mental performance.

Other Semenax Ingredients

Hawthorne – Has been in use since the 19th century and improves erectile function. It is packed with anti-oxidants and bio-flavonoids that are good for a healthy heart. It improves blood circulation to give men firmer, longer and bigger erections that produce more semen.

Semenax Ingredients: Cranberry Extract is one of the Semenax ingredients that increases sexual desire and satisfaction. This ingredient in cum pills is an aphrodisiac native to Native Americans. Europeans later discovered its bedroom magic. It contains ascorbic acid, anti-oxidants and phytochemicals necessary for good male sexual health.

Sarsaparilla – Is also called smilax ornata. It is good for preventing urinary tract infections. Sarsaparilla is also a natural libido booster.

Semenax Ingredients: Avena Sativa Extract is an extract of the wild oat grass that is rich in testosterone. Testosterone is the primary male hormone that is key for good sexual performance and male masculinity.

Semenax Ingredients: Butea Superba is a strong natural aphrodisiac used by men in Thailand to thrust all night and in addition shower their women with cum.

These are the natural Semenax ingredients in Semenax cum pills. The volume pills are formulated and combined in the U.S. These herbal supplements increase seminal fluid naturally and boost your overall health. They are good for men who are looking for ways to produce more cum.