Max Performer Review – What Results Can You Expect?

Max Performer is a male enhancement supplement that helps men have stronger, bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections. You’re probably skeptical of most male sexual enhancement products because they promise everything but deliver little or zero results.

You follow the listed instructions, but the bedroom situation doesn’t improve. It’s frustrating, embarrassing and you know you need to do something fast.

I’ve been there.

Well, I was there until I came across Max Performer.

Take a journey with me and let us explore this supplement and how it can help your sex life.

What Is Max Performer?

Max Performer is a specially formulated male enhancement pill that helps improve sexual performance and satisfaction.

This supplement derives its potency from natural ingredients, proven to boost blood flow to your penis, increase testosterone levels, sex drive, and improve your mood.

When these ingredients come together, you can expect nothing short of an outstanding performance in the bedroom.

Max Performer review

Max Performer pills boost blood flow to the dick, increase testosterone levels, boost libido, and improve your mood and energy levels

Max Performer is ideal for men experiencing low libido, erection problems, premature ejaculation, and those who want to add some energy back into their sex lives.

What are the Benefits?

Max Performer enjoys excellent reviews from its users, with many loving the change it has brought into their lives.

Here are some of the benefits of using this supplement.

  • Bigger and rock-hard erections. Thanks to increased blood flow to your penis, you’ll experience thicker and more powerful erections.
  • Increased sexual desire. If you’ve been experiencing lack of desire lately, consuming Max Performer helps boost the desire for sex. You’ll feel energetic and ready for sex, keeping everyone happy.
  • Improved stamina and sexual performance. Do you hate disappointing your partner? Max Performer will help keep you harder longer, allowing you to pleasure your partner just the way they like it.
  • Enjoy intense orgasms. You’ll enjoy increased sensitivity and powerful orgasms thanks to higher blood flow levels and more semen production.
  • A splash of fun. Harder, longer-lasting erections, heightened sexual desire, and powerful orgasm translate into more fun in the bedroom. Surprise your partner with your newly found prowess.

How Does It Work?

Max Performer contains carefully selected ingredients used for generations to treat male sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, and low energy levels.

Since these ingredients occur naturally in the world around us, or within our bodies, they are deemed safe to use.

According to WebMD, issues like including fatigue, stress, and inadequate blood flow to the penis can lead to erectile dysfunction and zero desire for sex.

When you consume the supplement, these ingredients get to work facilitating free flow of blood to your manhood, boosting sexual desire, and improving your mood.

Your body will feel ready for sex, you’ll want to get intimate with your partner more often and enjoy intense sexual pleasure.

Max Performer Ingredients

I’ve been talking about the ingredients, so now it’s time to see what this stuff is made of and the role each plays.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

This plant also goes by some interesting names like barrenwort, Yin Yang Huo, randy beef grass, and rowdy lamb herb.

Legend has it that a goat herder discovered his flock got sexually stimulated whenever they ate the plant. I can’t imagine his reaction.

Oh well, here we are today—using the very plant.

The horny goat weed is native to China, Japan, and Korea. The Chinese used this herb in remedies for treating fatigue, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and pain among other ailments.

Those guys knew something about this herb that took us long enough to discover.

According to WebMD, a 2008 study discovered a compound in this herb that blocks the effects of enzymes that restrict the free flow of blood to the penis.

Icariin, an active compound of the herb, finds its way into this supplement to help increase sexual function and blood flow.


Maca is a cruciferous vegetable with an earthy flavor that grows up the Andes mountain of Peru. It’s in the same family as cabbages, broccoli, and kales (see why you should eat your veggies).

Just like the horny goat weed, the Maca plant has been used for ages to enhance sexual function and fertility in humans.

Maca is great for plenty of reasons.

It promotes desire, which means you’ll be in the mood for sex more. A 2002 study on men aged 21 to 56 years showed that consuming Maca helped improve sexual desire within eight to 12 weeks of treatment.

Maca has the potential to improve fertility in men. Studies show Maca’s potential for boosting sperm count and mobility.

Higher sperm count increases your chances of conceiving naturally—excellent news for those who are trying to get pregnant.

Yet another study showed that consuming Maca helped improve mild erectile dysfunction.

By adding this potent ingredient to Max Performer, the manufacturers want to help you achieve and maintain erections for both your enjoyment

Korean Red Ginseng

Growing in the moist, shaded mountain sides of Korea, China and Russia is the King of all herbs—the Korean Red Ginseng.

Some people refer to it as panax ginseng, Asian ginseng, or Chinese ginseng.

This herb has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine to treat diabetes, improve heart health, boost immunity and energy, reduce stress, and treat impotence.

Pretty good reasons for adding Korean red ginseng to your diet, don’t you think?

With our focus zeroing on men’s sexual health, data from case-controlled studies showed that the herb’s ability to improve sperm quality and count. This applied to healthy males and those with treatment-related infertility.

These studies showed remarkable improvement in erectile function in 60 men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. By remarkable improvement, we’re talking rigidity and maintenance of erections.

In another study conducted on 119 men diagnosed with moderate ED, the researchers discovered premature ejaculation decreased as these men consumed red ginseng for eight weeks.


Cordyceps is known as Caterpillar Fungus, Caterpillar Mushroom, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, Cordyceps Sinensis, and Ophiocordyceps Sinensis.

It’s a parasitic fungus that grows on certain caterpillars living high up in the mountain regions of China.

The fungi attack their host (the caterpillars), replace their tissue, and grow long slender stems that stick outside the host’s body.

For centuries, the Chinese would roam the mountains looking for the remains of these caterpillars and fungi.

They would dry them and use them to treat multiple ailments, including fatigue, low sexual drive, kidney disease, etc.

Today, Cordyceps are grown in laboratories as it’s much cheaper than harvesting the wild ones out in the mountains.

Why is this ingredient added to Max Performer?

Clinical studies revealed that supplementing with Cordyceps Sinensis increased sperm count and sperm survival rate while reducing sperm malformations.

The researchers also found that it improved sexual desire.

Heightened desire coupled with increased sperm count and sperm survival increases your ability to sire children.

B Vitamins (B2, B3, B5, B6, B12)

The B Vitamins are essential nutrients responsible for maintaining good health.

They promote cell health, good energy levels, muscle tone, red blood cell growth, sex hormones growth, healthy brain function, and a healthy appetite, among others.

Vitamin B2 aids red blood cell production, ensuring high volumes of blood cells flow to your penis to maintain an erection. It also helps release energy from protein, keeping your levels optimal.

Vitamin B3 (niacin) has been shown to improve erectile function in men experiencing moderate to severe erectile dysfunction.

Like B2, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) aids the formation of red blood cells. It’s also involved in producing sex and stress-related hormones.

Deficiency in B5 may lead to feelings of tiredness, irritability, apathy, depression, and sleep disorders. None of which is good for your sex life.

Vitamin B6, on the other hand, helps create haemoglobin and is involved in serotonin production. The serotonin hormone helps increase erections while inhibiting ejaculation, allowing you to last longer.

Vitamin B12 has a hand in cell metabolism, red blood cell formation, nerve function, and DNA production. Its deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, fatigue, anemia, mood disturbances, intestinal issues, and nerve damage.

By bringing all these vitamins together, Max Power promotes your overall good health to ensure the magic happens without disruptions.


Selenium is one of those nutrients that is essential to your health, but you hardly ever hear about them.

It’s obtained from foods like oysters, eggs, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, yellowfin tuna, sardines, and shiitake mushrooms.

Selenium protects spermatozoa against oxidative damage throughout the maturation process.

If sperm DNA suffers oxidative damage, it may lead to developmental abnormality in the offspring and even miscarriage


According to a consultant nutritionist, iron deficiency can induce weak erections.

Sex is energy-driven and without sufficient iron to power up the red blood cells that carry oxygen to your penis, erections are impeded. This reduces the size of the erect dick.

Let’s not even talk about ejaculation because that one takes up so much energy on its own.

That said, iron overload can cause sexual dysfunction—erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction, which means a balance is needed.

Max Performer contains only 14 mg to ensure you don’t go overboard.


This trace mineral is central to male sexual health and testosterone production, which ultimately increases sex drive.

It is present in chocolate, cooked oysters, lean beef and liver, cashew nuts, toasted wheat germ, toasted sesame, squash and pumpkin seeds.

So, if you find your partner preparing toasted seeds snacks, from time to time, take the hint.

According to MedicalNewsToday, studies have linked insufficient zinc with erectile dysfunction. In addition to less-developed testes, Zinc-deficient males experience reduced sperm count.

The presence of sufficient zinc in your body promotes creation of prostatic fluid components that nourish and protect your sperm.

Further, zinc supplements have been cited as potential treatments for erectile dysfunction in patients with long-term kidney disease

Animal studies showed supplementing with zinc lengthened the time before ejaculation and increased penile thrusting.


The BioPerine extract comes from black pepper fruits, which are famous for their pungent principle piperine.

BioPerine is used as a bioavailability enhancer, meaning it enhances the absorption of all the ingredients we’ve mentioned above. And by 30 percent no less.

With better absorption, your body gleans more from the Max Performer supplement, promoting success in the bedroom.

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What Results Can You Expect?

As we’ve seen above, the ingredients in Max Performer contain properties that improve male sexual performance.

Should you follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosage, which involves daily intake for 90 days, you’re likely to see the following results:

Some results you’re likely to see include:

  • Heightened sexual desire
  • Higher sperm count
  • More energy and improved mood
  • Improved erectile function with the ability to achieve and maintain erections for satisfactory performance

Does Max Performer Increase Semen Volume?

The raw power behind the ingredients helps intensify ejaculations. Your semen quality will improve as well.

Does Max Performer Boost Fertility?

For conception to occur, sperm needs to move efficiently through a woman’s reproductive tract, reach her egg and fertilize it. We call it sperm motility.

At the very least, the sperm should have a forward progression of 25 micrometers per second. This means that males with poor sperm motility may experience infertility.

Maca and Korean Red Ginseng, and Cordyceps help improve sperm count, quality, and survival rate while ingredients like Zinc help nourish sperms. As mentioned earlier, Selenium protects them against free radicals.

Yes, Max Performer boosts fertility.

How Quickly Does It Work?

The manufacturer recommends taking Max Performer consistently over a 90-day period to enjoy its full benefits.

You’re likely to notice some positive changes like longer-lasting and stronger erections within a few days of using the supplement.

In one testimonial, the user’s partner noticed a sudden improvement in their sex life and knew the guy must have been up to something. She was right.

Does Max Performer Have Side Effects?

The ingredients that go into Max Performer either occur naturally in your body or in our world.

They have been used by communities for decades to improve male sexual function and now both research and clinical trials back their use.

The manufacturer states that it’s safe and free of any side effects.

That said, it’s always advisable to have a word with your physician before starting off a new supplement regimen. This is particularly important if you’re on blood-thinning medicine, or have any underlying medical conditions.

Is Shipping Discreet?

The product is shipped in plain packaging, which means no one has to know your business, except you.

And that’s how it should be, really.

What If You Are Not Happy With The Results?

If you’re not happy with the results after consuming the pill for ninety consecutive days, the manufacturer guarantees a full refund.

With the positive reviews this product is receiving, we suspect this may not be necessary. But it’s good to have peace of mind.

Which Max Performer Package Should I Order?

Max Performer offers three pricing tiers to cater to different needs. You can go for the one, three, or six months’ supply.

The three-month supply is a favorite as it gives you everything you need to cover the 90-day recommended period to see the supplement do its magic.

If you opt for the six-month supply, you’ll enjoy 50% percent off, which is great for long term savings.

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  • Improves sexual confidence
  • Increases libido
  • Rock hard erections accompanied by powerful ejaculations
  • Combats premature ejaculations
  • Enhanced longevity for greater pleasure
  • Boosts semen production
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Manufactured in both the UK and USA.
  • 100 Day Money-back guarantee
  • Discreet packaging
  • Free worldwide shipping on all orders


  • It’s a daily supplement so results can take time.
  • Expensive for 1 box, but you can save money on the bigger packages, making it good value.

Who Should Buy Max Performer?

First of all, you have to be 18 and over to buy this supplement.

If you are experiencing low libido, weak erections, premature ejaculations, or trying to conceive then Max Performer is an excellent choice.

It’s also great for those who want to take their sexual performance to another level, without turning to potent pharmaceutical drugs

Where To Buy Max Performer?

Max Performer is available on the company’s official website.

Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd is based in the UK but ships worldwide from warehouses in both the USA and the UK.

The purchase process is very easy. On their website, you’ll click the purchase icon, choose your preferred currency, supply (one month, three months, or six months’ supply), choose your payment option and make payment.

The manufacturer accepts most major credit cards—Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc as well as PayPal payments, which makes purchases super convenient.

Max Performer also comes with a 100-day money back guarantee and FREE shipping worldwide on all orders.

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