Men and women have always been fascinated by the male sexual organ. The penis has for centuries been a symbol of stamina and power. The human phallus is depicted in all manner of art: ancient drawings, carvings and paintings.

As a result, there are many truths and myths about penis size.

In addition, many men desire to have a bigger penis. This is because they wrongly believe that they are small in size where it matters most to them: the dick.

Part of this belief is because of watching porn movies where most sex scenes are edited. Moreover porn stars are naturally well-endowed. In addition, porn stars rely on male enhancement pills to get harder, last longer and finish with bigger loads of cum.

Increase penis sizeThere are many ways to increase the erect penis size. They include the permanent penis enlargement surgery and semi-permanent penis implants and fillers.

The natural ways to make your penis bigger include manscaping, lifestyle changes, herbal supplements such as ExtenZe and VigRX Plus, and having enough sleep.

But no one should be surprised that many men desire to have a bigger penis size. This is because men who have bigger than the average male penis size enjoy several advantages. These include more repeat sex, greater self-esteem and confidence, and better health.

The normal erect penis is 5.16 inches long and 4.59 inches in circumference. This is where most guys belong. But some guys have normal dicks but suffer from small penis syndrome.

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