How to Cum – Why Men should learn to Ejaculate More

Many men who desire to have the ability to shoot a lot of cum are simply driven by the desire to enhance their pleasure. However, there are multiple benefits of learning how to cum more. Here are the main reasons why every man should learn the ways of how to produce and shoot more cum.

#1. Enhance Male Fertility and Enjoy better Health

More cum increases male fertility

Semen quality is used to measure male fertility – the number and percentage of healthy sperm in the ejaculate. Low sperm count causes infertility. Volume Pills combine a blend of natural ingredients that assist men produce more sperm as well as improve sperm motility. Some of the leading causes of low sperm count include stress, premature ejaculation, drug abuse and poor health.

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Men who regularly take volume enhancers have higher libido, are healthier and produce more sperm. Fruits such as pomegranates, watermelon, tomatoes and pineapples increase sperm count and enhance erection quality. They enhance heart function that is vital for quality erections. Moreover, they are very good for overall body health and improve the taste of semen!

#2. Produce more Cum to Ensure more Pleasure

Men orgasm as they ejaculate. It’s mainly for this reason that guys seek for ways of how to cum more. Since it’s the muscular contractions that give men pleasure during orgasm, increasing the volume of ejaculate is necessary for any guy who desires to enhance his sexual pleasure.

There are many natural causes of low ejaculation, including sickness, fatigue, stress, increased frequency of sex and diet. A man who desires to enhance pleasure during sex needs to produce more ejaculate as well as shoot his load further and cum harder.

#3. Produce more Cum to have Intense Sex

More ejaculate leads to stronger orgasm

The only thing that’s better than good sex is amazing sex. Volume Pills are the leading herbal pills that enable a man to produce more cum – as well as have hot and intense sex.

Every time!

Being able to achieve a quality erection on demand is vital during love-making. And what do we mean by quality erection? An erection that’s thicker, stronger and lasts longer. The kind of erection that will make your partner drool in anticipation…

#4. Shoot more Cum to Last Longer in Bed

Now, which man wouldn’t love to be able to perform and finish like a porn star? Yet we all know what usually happens when a guy releases his seed. The sex session is over! This is usually very frustrating for women since they take longer to orgasm.

Learning how to cum more enables men to keep going even after they ejaculate. The ingredients in Volume Pills boost your virility and libido. Therefore, being able to produce more cum is good for men who wonder how to cum twice.

#5. Men who learn How to Cum More have Better Orgasm Control

Learn how to cum more to have better orgasm control

Premature ejaculation is a huge problem for many guys. The best way to deal with premature ejaculation is to learn to delay your ejaculation. Practice makes perfect – and simply having more sex helps a man learn to control his orgasms.

Better orgasm control enables a couple to make love for much longer. A man who knows how to cum more is able to delay his own orgasm, which in turn ensures that his partner gets to orgasm as well.

#6. Bigger Loads for More confidence and Self Esteem

It’s a fact that most men don’t have a 7 inch penis. That’s just not what mother nature gave us. The global average penis size is 5.5 inches. North Koreans hold the world record of smallest dicks at just 3.8 inches. But almost every guy is very OK with the average dick size. This is because men understand that it’s not the size of the weiner that matters but what you do with it.

The ability to achieve a bigger erection and shoot bigger loads of cum gives men more confidence and self-esteem – and enables a man to impress his partner as well! These are the main reasons why men need to learn how to cum more.