Reduce Alcohol to Increase Semen Volume and Sperm Count

Men who want to increase semen volume should reduce alcohol intake and stop smoking. Regular alcohol consumption and smoking have been proven in studies to lower semen quality.

Semen quality refers to semen volume, total sperm count and sperm concentration, percentage of normal sperms (shape) and sperm motility – the ability of sperms to swim through a woman’s reproductive tract with the goal of reaching and fertilizing her egg..

Why Men need to Increase Semen Volume

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Shoot Huge Loads of Cum

Male ejaculation is a source of pride and confidence. No man wants to dribble, especially in the presence of a woman. A strong ejaculation and high semen volume is a show of stamina, strength, dominance and fertility.

The high regard for the size of the male organ and its power during ejaculation goes back many centuries, perhaps to the first man. The ancient Egyptians had an open view to sex and love, even believing in sex during the afterlife. Masturbation was important to them.

Habitual Alcohol consumption Reduces Semen Quality

Reduce Alcohol to Increase Semen VolumeA study on the effects of regular alcohol consumption on semen quality was done on 1221 Danish young men aged between 18 and 28 years.

The study looked at three levels of alcohol consumption: typical, habitual drinking and binging.

The results showed that regular alcohol intake causes men to have weak ejaculation and lower semen volume. Even the men who take just 5 units of alcohol per week had lower seminal fluid quality.

Those who took more than 25 units per week were more affected by the alcohol. The kings of the bottle who took more than 40 units had a 33% lower sperm concentration compared to those who took the least alcohol.

The research team found that binging on alcohol did not reduce semen quality. This suggests that men who want to increase sen volume and drink alcohol should reduce alcohol consumption and avoid lengthy consumption of alcohol.

Changes in Testosterone

Regular alcohol consumption causes low levels of the primary male hormone, testosterone. This condition is referred to as Hypotestosteronemia. Low testosterone can cause depression and changes in physical and emotional life of men. Some refer to the condition as the male menopause! Alcohol also causes “low–normal or elevated gonadotropin levels suggesting a combined central and testicular detrimental effect of alcohol.” Big testicles produce more sperm and make men cum more. Reduce alcohol intake because alcohol destroys your testes.

Reduce Alcohol to Increase Semen Volume

Another study on the effects of alcohol on ejaculatory volume and semen quality recommends that habitual drinkers who want to increase semen volume should reduce alcohol consumption or just stop taking alcohol. “Alcohol consumption is associated with a deterioration of sperm parameters which may be partially reversible upon alcohol consumption discontinuation”.

This study used mice and tracked the effects of ethanol on their testicular functions. It noted a resumption in regular testicular function when they withdrew the ethanol from the mice. Most studies report a weak ejaculation and lower semen volume in habitual drinkers. But there is a happy ending in that men who reduce alcohol intake or stop drinking altogether. They gradually increase semen volume.

Smoking Reduces Semen Volume

This other study went further and looked at the effects of both smoking and alcohol consumption on sperm quality using “transmission electron microscopy and light microscopy”.

The damning results? “Heavy smoking (> 20 cigarettes/day) was associated with a decreased sperm count. Moderate/high alcohol consumption (≥ 15.4 g/day) was associated with an increase in morphologically abnormal sperm”. The results are clear. Men should stop smoking and quit (or reduce alcohol intake) to increase semen volume.